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  1. Tclock is very buggy. use smoothtext instead.
  2. have you looked into the 32bit icons not showing in taskbar when skinengine is on.
  3. Hello what is the switch or how to do so live messenger 8.5 and 9 just download the files for an offline installation.
  4. The icons not showing in taskbar when have the skining on is. apps with 32bit icons. Like if I press my computer I see the icon then I patch explorer with 32bit icons then the icon is not showing. and the other software that the icons is not showing does also has 32bit icons. I list the bugs I found so far. 1. Commondialog open button not skinning. 2. 32bit ikons not showing in taskbar. 3. Startbutton flicker sometime you see the original startbutton flashing for a millisecond. 4. Taskbar not skinning until you have open an app or a directory that is using the taskbar Then it skin perfect.
  5. Taskbar background will appear but in 1.0 it write over the startbutton. so the startbutton is not visible but I I click where the start button is the start menu is shown. So I think he first write the start button and then write the taskbar but it maybe should be the other way. It feels like it is that way. Edit: to make an great working Skin I did like this. I took the files from Alysseum Plus so they use with the Alysseum Plus!- Charger ini file. So now I have an working skin. I have now start to replace my own file onto this skin and use the Alysseum ini file. And with that taskbar skinning is working quit good. and the startbutton is visible. I did see that it does not skin the open button in "common dialogs"
  6. The skinning engine works better in 0.99 than in 1.0. I use exactly the same skin in 099 and in 100 and it shows up better in 099. but it is still the same error when skinning is on. some icons in the taskbar is not showing. Wats not working good in 1.0 is the startbutton. its not working good in 099 but better. also have you plan to add support to use png files instead of bitmaps and TGA. because then PNG has the great transparent support for startbutton if you want a nice glowing startbutton then it is not possible right now. only if you make the background of the startbutton exactly as the background in the taskbar. and that is hard if you don´t have a taskbar with only one color. buttons and stuff is working good. it is the taskbar that need more work in the skinning engine.
  7. The config app is very great. it is easy to change the settings. if smooth text is being instable. So Thanks for that. But overall it seems much more stable than previews release.
  8. That looks nice. Looking forward to see the Version 1.0. But don´t release the 1.0 version to early. 1.0 should be quit more stable. but after what you say it sounds more stable esecially with the more controll over the overiding. Ofcource we want it as fast as possible. But if you feel that something is to big bug or something don´t release it until it is ready for a new release.
  9. as long as it need update often. There is no need for an installer. But when it is stable enough an installer would be great. But those installer often make some reg entrys that only make the registry bigger witch in not good. So for an installer make your own with a 7zip file, Command based 7zip.exe to extract the 7zip to %Programfiles% and also an 7zip file containing the ink file to startmenu. then do all this with a cmd file. then your can also use a .reg file to add smoothtext to startup folder. So it is an silent installer. Then use 7zipsilencer to make the installer.
  10. There is a Pack called VistaPack that change to icons and stuff automatic for you. it is very great. http://www.vistapack.org They are now working on Version 3. Then you can take a look on WildBills Smoothtext That will give you Cleartype looks on windows 2000 is also has a skinning engine in it so it can change allot of stuff like taskbar, buttons and stuff. But it is under development so it is not fully stable. There is some stuff needed to get it to work. So for me it works quit stable. And Wildbill is doing a fantastic work on it. Also there is a project called Daedalus that makes windows 2000 explorer use 32bit icons.
  11. If anyone else want a basic skin to test Send a PM. But it is a very early skin and far away for complete thats why not post it to public. But when it has more in it and all works in it. all taskbar does not work Properly. its because some stuff wrong in the ini not the skinning engine. But when its done its gonna be uploaded.
  12. That looks good. did you get my PM.
  13. it seems that the skinning engine only works with TGA filesor am I wrong. BMP does not work.
  14. I did like this open regedit go to the smoothtext regsettings stuff. then file export. then [-hkey.....somthing a - before everything. but thats erase all smoothtext settings. But I like the way Tihy has done with RP9 or Uberskin. nice and clean one software for configue then the real apps are only running at lowest resources possible.
  15. I think we are splitted of what we want. We will see how this ends up. Cheers man.

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