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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, you're right to say that the HDD was connected while Windows 7 was being installed onto the SSD. Anyway, I tried doing as you suggested, but it still didn't work. Not even after I nuked the whole HDD and SSD, plus suffered the data loss that came from doing that. No matter how it was done, the Windows installation would fail to boot, once the HDD is connected to the computer. If I attempt to repair the installation's boot files with bootrec, it would report that no Windows installations are detected and so I can't do anything about it. So after numerous other
  2. My desktop computer has a Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H mainboard, and has a dual-disk setup (1x SSD and one mechanical HDD). The SSD was its "system disk" (contains Windows and a few selected programs), while the mechanical disk contained my personal data and other programs. I took out the SSD because I originally wanted to use it to speed up my old laptop instead. As a result, I installed Windows 7 onto the HDD and took out the SSD. However, just a week ago when I was about to transplant the SSD into the laptop, it suffered a keyboard failure. So I never got to use the SSD in it. Today, I am attemp
  3. Thanks guys! I would be glad to have even gotten that 0x0000007B stop screen though. It would be a good sign... I did get it once when downgrading my previous laptop to Windows XP though. Well... I have found a definite answer to my original question (After searching through a lot of maybe not-so-related topics!). I'm doomed to be forever stuck without the benefits of AHCI because: 1. My chipset is an ICH7 (Yes, the original/base ICH7!) 2. The ICH7 chipset does not support AHCI (According to Intel...) 3. The ICH7 chipset only runs in IDE mode. 4. The Intel RST doesn't support this configurati
  4. Thanks, but the only option that is similar to what you have suggested is the "ATA/IDE Configuration" control. According to the manual, setting that option to "Enhanced" will cause "all SATA devices to operate in SATA mode". The available options are "Disabled", ""Compatible" (Apparently meant to set up IDE emulation) and "Enhanced". The suboption to that control is "Enhanced Mode Support On". The manual says that it "sets Serial ATA, Parallel ATA or both as native mode". (But what does it mean by "native mode"?) The available options are "SATA", "PATA" and "SATA+PATA". I've tried all 3 of th
  5. I have a ASUS P5KPL/EPU mainboard in a computer that is running a modified version of Windows XP SP3. It's BIOS is at the latest version (v404). I've recently only noticed that the HDD was set to transfer data at UDMA mode 5, despite the fact that the HDD is indeed a SATA HDD (Western Digital Caviar Green WD5000AADS). I'm unable to install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers, as the installer keeps giving the "Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements" message. That happened, despite the fact that my mainboard does contain a supported chip (An ICH7 chip). The driver th
  6. You're right about the cabinet files being spanned - but it's possible to extract the contents of each of the spanned cab files (Using the extract.exe or expand.exe utilities that come with Windows ME). 7-zip has been known to occasionally be unable to decompress some archives that it should have been able to decompress.
  7. Sorry for letting the links expire - the files were actually still there on Mediafire, but the old links were somehow defunct. Anyways, the new links are uploaded at my blog, and the page at Geocities JAPAN will be updated soon. I've also mirrored the files at Sendspace too - in case Mediafire goes crazy and breaks my links again. Check out this post if you only want to see the post on the re-link and mirroring: http://ysai187.blogs.linkbucks.com/2010/12/15/sh95upd-v008-re-linked-and-mirrored/
  8. You mean "live", of course, don't you? Oops.. Heh... staying up to 2am in the morning isn't good for me. @HardDriv'n: I think that you should upgrade to IE6 first, if you haven't done so yet.
  9. Probably not. I've been living with that issue since 2006. FF1x was slow compared to IE6... FF2x was worse... and FF3x refused to run on my machine regardless of whatever I tried (KernelEX didn't help... probably because my Windows 98 installation was too heavily modified, with IE stripped off). I used Windows Media Player 6.4 with FFDSHOW... but you could also use Media Player Classic. An old version of Microsoft Office with Microsoft's "Office 2007 compatibility pack".
  10. Did you update IE 5.0 to IE 6.0? This seems really much like his problem.... After all, Windows 98 came with IE 4.01 (Full of bugs), while Windows 98 SE came with IE 5.0 (Still buggy...). Thinking about this... the Windows 95 shell also had this problem (In the "Disk properties" dialog, the pie chart is always wrong if your disk is bigger than 2GB, and the reported free space is also incorrect if you're using EXPLORER.EXE v4.00.950)! Don't do that - unless you want to leave with the 2GB partition size limit (And with your problem unsolved)!
  11. Are you using the Windows 95 shell?
  12. Hi all... haven't been here for a long time. Just to let all of you know: Geocities Singapore was shut down last year... and I shifted to linkbucks. However, my ISP is blocking Linkbucks... so I've shifted yet again to Geocities JAPAN: http://ichiba.geocities.jp/ysai187 I may still occasionally update my Linkbucks blog... but I can't do it easily (I need to use a proxy server... but my ISP blocks links to proxy server lists ). I'll probably re-create my project pages again soon (And update all links again)... however, I can no longer continue developing (Or can't really help much at most) SH95
  13. Well, Windows ME has it's good features too - faster system bootup (In general), System Restore (OK, this one is questionable), WFP (Again, this may be questionable), supports higher RAM capacities, PnP device detection/driver installation is asynchronous (Doesn't pause your PC to install devices), native USB mass storage device support, better SCANDISK and DEFRAG utilities (They're both faster, and Windows ME's scandisk supports >137GB disks). On the downside... My Windows ME machine usually lasted me barely 3 months per format - during which, it'll slowly break down (Programs crashing, ac
  14. I did something similar before - installing the Japan Edition of Windows 98SE on a Compaq Presario 2837AP (I think that it had an Intel 845 series chipset, but I can't remember which model exactly)... and it lags more than Windows XP (For no apparent reason). It had an older version of the ATI catalyst drivers installed (Mobility Radeon 9500 was claimed to be unsupported by ATI!), Intel Chipset driver... and Windows 2000's USB 2.0 drivers (From this site; It was from the thread about the USB 2.0 stack). Somehow I think that the lag is caused by some issue that Windows 98 has with the Intel 845
  15. Multicore/multiprocessor support in Windows 98 (The operating system, not the programs you run on it)?? I think that it was stated somewhere in this forum that this was impossible without re-writing a huge part of Windows 9x. Maybe I'm mistaken... it's been too long.
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