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  1. This is how it should look. Right Click on the installation, and Compatibility tab...
  2. I have the solution for this one. Just use the Compatibility tab to set KEx to Windows XP and it will install...
  3. I can get it installed, the exe isn't copied and I can't run it. Which version do you use?
  4. Didn't you think just for a second that this isn't due to 9x's superiority? It's obsolete and that's why even viruses don't work on it... I don't hate 9x (I am even running a project for it) but this just proves how things have advanced and how obsolete it is. Don't get too happy...
  5. It doesn't have to do with the codecs but it does with the installer. Latest version works without issues. Thanks for the info on MSN, added to the list. Yea, but new codecs can create a problem with Windows 98, it has nothing to do with KEx, it has to do with new versions of codecs. I hope you know what I mean, because it is pointless to make installer compatible if the codec itself won't work. Also, MSN Messenger 7.0.820 is compatible with Windows 98 without KEx.
  6. Well, the only version that is actually working is MSN Messenger 7.0.820, because older require to be updated to Live. You can download it from Microsoft's Download Center. I run it daily on my WLP machine. BTW, I don't know which K-Lite Codec Pack version you are referring to, because 3.4.5 is the last official supported, and I wouldn't count that 4.0 really works, because KEx has nothing to with particular codecs.
  7. This one is not available for download anymore, so if you have it please post it.
  8. Nice... I also made mine for Windows Lupus Project long time ago.
  9. A bit offtopic: I am truly impressed with the word, although, it's the least you can say for a P.... O. S... like that Desktop Update...
  10. Hi guys, Just for you from Windows Projects Community, another patcher made by damian666 and me, this time for Vista SP1, SP2 and x64, vUXTender. The current version is: v1.1 Not much to talk about it, just click Patch and enjoy. This patcher works on Windows Vista SP1, SP2 and x64. Small update, user must run as admin to let it work correctly. Download
  11. Removing Items from Start Menu
  12. shellstyle.dll in each style...
  13. I agree that there are many many old resources in wmploc.dll, and that something should be done about it. It's just idiotic that M$ left those, it's like they are doing that intentionally.
  14. No problem, we're glad it helped.
  15. Maybe when Daedalus is out we will lose the rpl2k which is buggy...
  16. Daedalus is not yet to be discussed, you will be informed when the time is right, it is possible that it will include some other stuff.
  17. I made a little sth, made it from a Vista logo and it has all the default fonts as vista's logo and same font size: 98.bmp And this one (Hope you like it):
  18. It is language independent, as we thought. Stand by, v1.2 soon.
  19. It works with SP2 also, same Hex edits.

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