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  1. Well, nothing AFAIK but, you can try PE Explorer, it displays PNGs and images so it is a bit better then Resource Hacker.
  2. Windows NT4 FAT32 Driver Read & Write, Bootable... Generic USB Drivers for NT4 Generic USB Drivers for NT4 in Post #4 Tested and Working...
  3. Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs Version available for download! Download I will pack both versions and probably post it on dA. 'Till then enjoy...
  4. I think he prefers Vista-ish icons....
  5. This looks brutal but: are you using 32-bit image palette on your PC? If you are then (If you are using 24-bit/16-bit then most of the graphic errors are related to that fact): #1 Appears in explorer because BROWSEUI.DLL images aren't made well. #2 Might be that the resource hasn't been patched well or the icons aren't compressed well. #3 This is a skin problem related to TClock i think... #4 Damian and I have already discussed this sysdm.cpl and I hope that he will take my advice and accept me to make a nice sysdm.cpl for him as I did for the NT4 Visual Update Project #5 Two minutes and ResHacker can solve this... Just a pixel of difference... #6 The problem is that Vista isn't using those bitmaps anymore so there isn't a proper Vista replacement for this bitmap.. It can be discarded, and maybe it should be replaced with and icon or removed. #7 I am not really sure if it is suppose to be animated, but in any case I would replace it with a Windows Flag... #8 This is also a problem related to the skinning engine that is used, or the msstyle, since it isn't made to work with four buttons... What bothers me is that the font is bold in the style, and the sysdm is ugly imho, I don't know why everyone are doing that (when modding) to thier sysdm.
  6. I like that you're using Lupus Classic Theme... The bitmap is very nice... but i dislike the 3rd party icons... Even so, it looks very nice, if you are consistent with the icon pack.
  7. marxo

    My Sig

    I wasn't going to use it on MSFN, no need to worry. Why does it remind you on Mr. Bean, lol? @Sbd Guy, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, that the software I am using...
  8. I was planing to add something like that in Lupus, but I didn't (dunno why)... Anyways just change the image in Shdoclc.dll... For more info visit this thread: Shdoclc.dll New Look
  9. CooledComputer I'm sorry to say this but there is a Search option you know... Nvm... Here is the link for a standalone patch (No RP or anything) for the 32-bit icons: http://rapidshare.com/files/36132657/32.rar.html Moderators please lock this topic...
  10. marxo

    My Sig

    I just made this sig... Like it?
  11. Some of those applications require Windows XP + .Net Framework 2.0 or later so I don't think that it is very smart to include them...
  12. First post updated with Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs version...
  13. I need to change some strings, but that is not the problem. I will not release it until I make one for Windows FLP.
  14. As soon as I add some stuff... (I won't change the looks, just need to add some stuff)
  15. Here is a preview I want to hear opinions. It is supposed to be very simple so... Click on image to see it on deviantArt... Update: Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs version... Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs Version available for download! Download
  16. I mean god... And I own a board called "Windows Projects Community". Paradox... Edit: Oh My God. I just saw that there is a thread dude, here on MSFN and I am still the same as I was on May 13th...
  17. Yea damian... mara-, that (I think) is possible. damian what do you say?
  18. I was going great but I kinda stopped because I was busy. I am going to finish it, no worries.
  19. Actually they can have a dialog like that but not by installing Renovatio, ofc.
  20. Just change the Windows Version in the registry/
  21. http://www.freeweb.hu/doscdroast/dvd4dos.htm This might help It isn't really working but - providing info about the existence of something like this...
  22. I don't have anything against you using Windows Lupus Project files in Renovatio but wouldn't recommend it because RP7.11 has that "anti-Lupus" code and renames the windows version to "IT'S NOT LUPUS" which is really dumb IMHO. Nice pack btw...
  23. marxo

    Vize for XP?

    As it says "Vistapack". Totally vistish...

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