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  1. Problem With Region

    I just have a small problem while installing Windows XP using this unattended cd.. Though I have followed every instruction in your tutorial, I get the same thing every time I try to install , i.e Though I have set time zone as (GMT +05:30) Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai, New Delhi, during the creation of the cd using nlite, I will be asked again to select time zone during installation process. I tried creating a new cd image but the same problem exists everytime.. I really don't know what to do. Please help me with this.
  2. How To Integrate Theme?

    Is there a chance you might make a version of this theme, so that it would replace the default Windows XP theme with SevenXP ? I haven't found a way to make it install default. If i use the integrator (1.4.3 or 1.5RC1) it just installs the theme, and is only an available theme for selection in display theme settings. Can you help me out with info on how to make it integrate right with the integrator (at least to set it as default theme), or make a replace addon luna element (like there is a vista sound scheme that replaces the original xp sounds) ? Thanks in advance
  3. How To Integrate Theme?

    Thanks mods for reply, I tried what u said....but the problem is that the theme does not appear as windows is started first time It should be started from here any solution on this problem I want that the theme should be by default for the OS
  4. How To Integrate Theme?

    Hi friends, i want to integrate the following theme in my XP setup for my first logon http://deskmundo.deviantart.com/art/SevenXP-4-0-113547246 I have two versions of nlite installed nLITE 1.0 RC6 nLITE 1.4.1 nlite 1.4.1 does not include the patch of uxtheme.dll but nlite 1.0RC6 has it so I enable the patch through nlite 1.0 RC6 to integrate theme I used nlite 1.4.1 bcause nlite 1.0RC6 does not have any such options to integrate theme. but when I tested it, It was not working on first logon. pls help varad
  5. Want Animated ShutDown Dialog Box

    Here Is My MSGINA.DLL File msgina.dll
  6. Hi friends I want to create an animated ShutDown Dialog Box with the following video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81TMaR59jUU but i am unable to do it, so can anybody pls do it for me and upload the msgina.dll file. Thanks
  7. Vista Sound Pack For Your Unattend XP CD

    can u upload Windows 7 sounds
  8. Which File Handles This Window?

    i want to change the monitor to a LCD.... Thanks for the help One More Question...I have prepared an BootScreen...How Should I apply it as a default boot screen in My Windows XP Setup?
  9. Which File Handles This Window?

    Which file handles this screen??? Pls See Attachments