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  1. Thank you very much for this words shark I keep this work also for other programs
  2. I think Shark007 has stopped with Paint.NET Version 3.0 BETA is already here Maybe you can use my version: - Inno Installer - v3.0 BETA - 3,75 MB DOWNLOAD
  3. @ MGadAllah I have found this: Why is the error message "The setup files are corrupted" displayed on some systems? This error message is displayed when a file pertaining to the installation (e.g., setup.exe, setup.1) [1]has the wrong size, or part of [2]a file fails a CRC check. It is not displayed for any other reason. If your installation is distributed over the internet and you're getting a lot of reports of this error, it could be that your web server is delivering partial files by dropping connections prematurely. Have the affected users check the size in the bytes of the file(s) they downloaded. If your installation is distributed via CD-ROM or floppy disk, it could be that the CD-ROM or floppy disk is bad, or possibly the drive is defective. [1] I have Foxit Reader.exe packed in a rar archive [2] At a Nullsoft Installer you can use /NCRC to skip the CRC Check, I found this command for this Inno Installer to skip the CRC check: /NOCRC - I don't know of it works DOWNLOAD Foxit Reader 2.0 Build 0930
  4. Good work man Its not good that a program as THIS have misspelled words
  5. and this site, or the members of this site help you with a lot of other things
  6. I use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (Normal codec pack + quictime alternative and realtime). Its a great tool. If you install the custom installation you have enough for the normal using. Don't install tools, its for the most people unneeded. What i like most on K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is there very great unattended support. Run: INSTALLERFILENAME -MakeUnattended (Chose all options that you want) If you have clicked on finish you have 2 files: klmcp.bat and klmcp.ini Now you run the bat (+ batchrunner) and you have your own silent install See the attachments for my ini and bat and batchrunner KLMCP.rar
  7. I have many installers maked with 7z SFX there were no problems. Now i make a 7z installer for firefox. When i packed the files there were no problems. My config.txt is like this: My CreateInstaller.cmd like this: That works... but if i open the firefox.exe i get the message: I think... I use a install.cmd... Okay I open the firefox.exe and get this message: And what i use, he say that. The problem is now bigger, because i have it also when I 7z SFX for office 2003: i get the same errors. What i find out is, that all thinks works okay, when i remove some stuff out of my 7z files. Reinstall and using of different compressions don't work What can i do?
  8. For the 7z installers i will know config lines. Does anyone known more?
  9. Maybe you can use this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry531077 I think it works also on MSN
  10. "Yet i will test it. But no its normal not silent, because then you lose the install options of inno installers. This are the options: foxitreader.exe /VERYSILENT /COMPONENTS HelpFile, GDIPlus, JavaScript /TASKS desktopicon, quicklaunchicon Sorry it must be so: FoxitReader.exe /VERYSILENT /COMPONENTS=HelpFile,GDIPlus,JavaScript /TASKS=desktopicon,quicklaunchicon (This is full silent install, you can make it as you want)
  11. For this one i have only used Inno Quickstart Pack 5.1.9. With this are many installers maked. If its right you don't need other programs. For instance: i have **** nfo viewer maked on the same way (he hasn't also switches) . Give this installer also a error? http://arcovink1.googlepages.com/DAMNNFOViewer.exe And can other people test it?
  12. mmmh here it works on several computers. But here is the new compiled one: *link removed*
  13. There is no switch. but i have maked my own foxit reader with inno. Dutch, German, English and French languages are avaible and some pluggins. You know inno have the most switches DOWNLOAD Foxit Reader 2.0 Build 0930 Link removed.
  14. What zandaa.exe do you mean. If I unpack Norman i haven't a that file. By the way, the installations of the single user and the network are the same
  15. What have you done when you get this? You restart your computer? After a install of windows on Vmware of whatever?
  16. I say: make it easy, use Inno Installer (you have then also the most silent switchess) My installer has pdf association, JavaScript Support, GDI+ and full support for English, Dutch, German and Language http://arcovink2.googlepages.com/FoxitReader.exe Components: -Helpfile -GDI+ -JavaScript Support Tasks: -Desktopicon -Quicklaunchicon
  17. I use many scripts voor MSP!L and i make my owns. I mean this ones http://www.msgpluslive.nl/scripts/browse/ My question is do someone know the switch for this scripts, i can't believe they aren't normally patchou think on all EDIT: A MSP!L developper has tell me there are for security reasons no switches
  18. is it possible with this installer to install Messenger Plus Live! scripts silently? so yes, how i do that?
  19. thanx and good job all the things works
  20. The process name of WPI = mshta.exe So if you use WPI you can't remove this?
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