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  1. Nah, does not work, its forwarded, weird though because when i was testing it out a few years back with 2K3 it worked perfectly, now with 2K8, getting Errors. Just gives the error that the Wizard Cannot connect (Vista/Win7 Machines) Thanks for a reply though!
  2. Well it turns out that the Site uses a Web.Config file, and at the end of that it had "USE SSL=False" so i changed it to True, now the Login, Registration, Cart is all SSL'd, Thanks for you're help, Much appreciated Ethan
  3. Well its running NopCommerce 1.60, So im not sure on what to do.
  4. Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have aquired a Free SSL certificate from StartSSL (Required SSL for Bank Transactions online) The certificate has been installed correctly, however im not sure on how to force SSL for certain pages. When i require it for the whole site and i visit my site for example https://domain.com and click on a link it will revert back to http://domain.com/link.extension. So does any one know how to fix this issue, its Windows Server 2008 Standard. Running IIS 7 with ASP.NET and SQL Express. Thanks alot Ethan
  5. Hello, I used to use Microsoft VPN As the VPN that would connect external clients to the domain. Now i am using it for Business reasons, it does not work. I have tried it with one and two NICs. The correct ports are opened on the Router, and pointed to the correct Server. The VPN will connect Internally, Just not external clients can connect. Hope someone can help me.. Thanks, Ethan
  6. Hello, I aquired a Sony LIB-81 Tape Library, does any one happen to know the easiest way to reset the password on the device, without knowing the old one. Need to flash it/backup/default password? Thanks for helping. Ethan
  7. Tried that previously, I just need to toally remove all instances of the exchange server existing, on the Domain Controller/AD.
  8. Hello, Slight issue. Basically had a dedicated server running Exchange Server 2003 and IIS for Web access and OWA. The server had massive hardware failure, which was expected, just never got around to sorting it out. Well, its dead now, so i set up a new server, installed Exchange again as normal, but it already had all the settings on it, I'm guessing from whats been saved in Active Directory from the Previous server. However i'm not able to remove the server or anything. So is there a way to remove Exchange from the AD, bring the old server back is not an option. Thanks, hope this makes senc
  9. I'm going to start by clarifying that the chat support guy mentioned "subdomain" but you said it was not a subdomain. Its a terminology issue for that. Example: Domain = domain.com subdomain = mail.domain.com or subdomain = anything.domain.com However, when I did email forwarding, I did not have to deal with the actual mail server address so this might be how they do it. For my webhost (this does not work now so if you email this address the message will NOT be EVER received) I said I want my domain email address info@tripredacus.net to be forwarded to MYEMAILADDRESS@yahoo.com. I had this set
  10. Hey, i've just spoken to HostGator, and i'll PM you the Script now.
  11. No, I comply with all the rules. Something different, because i have two domains, one with godaddy, and one with hostgator (also hosting), i contacted hostgator, to set up a MX and A records for me, now all mail is coming through to the server with the .com extention, not the .info, which is no issue, but what i've noticed, is because there were several email accounts set up with hostgator, through their CPanel, such as support@domain.com etc, i need all these to be forwarded to the Administrator@domain.com (hosted on the exchange server), but when i mail them, no mail comes through (probably
  12. Thanks for the reply, I can telnet fine, however i do get a mail deamon after a while, telling me its failed. Now something interesting happened, last night i received a bunch of emails, only 12, but from the previous day, now however no more emails have come through. Also contacted godaddy.com and they have said that their dns is fine, and that my DNS set up is also fine. Just checked also, this is what Gmail says: Technical details of temporary failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for furt
  13. Hello, Running Exchange Server 2003 with Server 2003. Mail being sent from the server to outbound accounts works great, but incoming mail no longer comes through, been working flaw less until now. I've checked the DNS records on my Web Domain host, and they have not changed. I have a MX record for for domain pointing to "mail.domainname.info" and i have my domain name pointing to my servers ip using a "A" record. Don't understand why it is no longer receiving mail from outbound connections (such as Gmail, Hotmail etc) Any Help on this would be great
  14. When i update the MX record and point to my IP address, its telling me its invalid, i think it needs to have it in Domain terms/TLD. so what would i put?
  15. Just realised something guys, basically I'm not able to install MSI's when using the server over Terminal Services, if I'm physically on the server, all is well, and installs fine. is this normal?
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