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  1. And also with 7-Zip you can retrieve the config.txt for a nice installer you come across. Same as the comments in the WinRAR SFX. Just use the 7z SFX Archive Splitter for fast learning about 7zip SFX mods.
  2. Hello, I'm working with a Philips DVD recorder, Windows XP Pro and Nero Micro v8.3.2.1 Build A few minutes ago I opened Nero Express, choose 'Data DVD' and ad a few music, video and text files. When I clicked per abuse on one of the files I get a popup with the error: 'Can't load plugin manager' So I click on OK (because I don't need a plugin manager at all), but the popup come backs every time. Now I have killed the hole nero process and started Nero, succesfully, again. Can you do something on this Acheron for the next time?
  3. No I'm directly linked to this page: English and Asian version are working, but the European version gives me this error:
  4. Nero 8 Lite European mirror is down, thanks anyway. Same question as elajua... which components switches are possible?
  5. I agree with that. The packages of Babylon self (.bgl) has the best compressing ratio. But the other side is that this very good compression means also a (very) long decompression.
  6. That's well done damian. I'm not sure what compression your tool use, but I know that the you get the best compression in the normal way with this switch: upx --ultra-brute ...and sometimes with this one: -m0=BCJ2 -m1=LZMA:d24:fb120:a2:lc7:mf=bt4 -m2=LZMA:d19:fb102:a2:lc0:lp2:mf=bt3 -m3=LZMA:d19:fb64:a2:lc0:lp2:mf=bt3 -mb0:1 -mb0s1:2 -mb0s2:3 Referred to myself here.
  7. I saw Beta Build 3025 on Connect. Approximately 350MB for the languages English, German and Japanese Download Link: http://connect.microsoft.com/windows/Downl...DownloadID=8704 (invitation ID required). Most of all are security and networking updates.
  8. Connect (only available for selected group members) x86 with one of the 5 available languages: 687MB x64 with one of the 5 available languages: 1117MB x86 with all 5 languages: 1308MB x64 with all 5 languages: 1778MB Within 2 days available through Windows Update for the members. Source: Tweakers.net (Dutch)
  9. Thanks man. Can the following time pack the 7zsd.sfx with UPX (using the command: upx --ultra-brute). This will save space of the package. More info can you found on my tutorial here.
  10. Keytime's guide is a little old. Take a look at my new tutorial here. If you want help: just ask.
  11. Second time a request this: possibility to unpack password protected rar files. Another request: can you add the freeware tool TUGZip, which support: # ZIP, 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BH, BZ2, CAB, CPIO, DEB, GCA, GZ, IMP, JAR, LHA (LZH), LIB, RAR, RPM, SQX, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TAZ, YZ1 and ZOO archives. # BIN, C2D, IMG, ISO and NRG disc-images. Thanks.
  12. Don't forget to use my new tutorial for 7z SFX which you can find here. Now you can also use parameters such as %ProgramFiles%.
  13. The fastest start from registry is: And if you want it as task:
  14. I'm not sure, but it's probably because you have it so configured in nLite. Take a look at the picture.
  15. Every day I see a new thing why my unattended CD is not perfectly. Here I can find all the information (and some other sites) which I need. WDS or RIS? Haven't tried that. I'm using the nLite + WPI method. With a bunch of other programs and update pack. Do you know there is a Dutch update pack? Also for IE, .NET and WMP?
  16. Thanks Rick again. For the language files.... Live Messenger 8.5.1288.816 BETA2 is officially out. 35 Languages! Fast link (it seems like there are no direct links) for Dutch version from live-messenger.nl Edit: MSFN can't redirect the first link (it will change the link, bug?), so: http://messengersays.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!5B410F7FD930829E!29044.entry
  17. Thanks acheron works nice. @ efomin Exactly Russia is in Eurasia. Yeah that's Europe and Asia. So if you lives in the European part...Acheron will update it
  18. Hi.. I'm trying in the Network Settings page of nLite to configure my network settings. First I've successfully set my LAN Settings after a nLite run (from WINNT.sif): [params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1] SpecificTo=Adapter1 IPAddress= DHCP="No" SubnetMask= DNSServerSearchOrder= WINS="No" NetBIOSOptions=0 [params.MS_NWIPX.Adapter1] SpecificTo=Adapter1 NetworkNumber=00000000 PktType=0xFF Secondly I tried to set my WLAN settings. I come across a few problems: 1. How to set in nLite: Set IP addresses automatically (I've tried to remove the standard '' IP, but that's not possible.) 2. In the 'WINNT.sif' I saw DHCP="No", but I want to set that option to "Yes" in nLite. How to? 3. I want to share my WLAN connection. How to set that option WINNT.sif and can that option be integrated in nLite? 4. I can't add the Mac-adresses to my LAN and WLAN adapter in nLite. The are: '00:04:23:21:F1:46' and '0C:0C:0C:0C:0C:01'. It's a syntax error which saying that i can only use numbers. How strange? Mac-addresses includes most time also letters. Many Thanks
  19. If there is one IT site on the world with relative much Dutch members is it MSFN You're a young Dutch but not the youngest, I'm 16 Welcome
  20. If you want it small....don't use winrar SFX read my tuto here. If you can get it smaller then my way...tell me
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