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  1. In Netherland they got a term/treatment for special people like that called postabortion and preventive dispossal/cleanup. Oh, btw with special I mean dramatic and attentionwh0re like, not gay.
  2. Hi, I'm Dutch, from a town called Deventer, you?
  3. You should look for Windows Registry entries, parameters and values for taskbar positioning are all saved in the register, I'm searching for solutions for Windows tweaking too, haven't found any though.
  4. I didn't get so far as getting it booting with F12, did you do anything to get that or is it just the PXE-NIC-thingy? Anyhow, to answer your question: WDS has several modes, mixed, native and legacy, I think you need the last one.
  5. Well I wouldn't follow Microsoft's Guide, haven't gotten any usefull information from 'em now that I think of it.. Well the Quick Guide was okay but I really can't think of anymore. To put it simple, first download all the stuff, way handier, saves a lot of time and frustrations: Install Windows Server 2003 Install SP2 Install AD, DNS and DHCP (configure too) Install some other apps, come with SP2 most of the time. Install WDS which came with SP2 (Windows components) Install BDD2007 Install WAIK (Don't nail me onto it if I've forgotten something, I haven't had my coffee yet. ) Start fiddling around. In the Quick Guide is explained how to do your first installation with an CD etc. Other documentation is in above posts too: lazyadmin & deployvista.com (is secretly also deployxp.com ) Oh, in my other topic I also placed that I added my first app: Adobe, how I managed to do that you can read at lazyadmin too. It's quite simple, the installation 'script' from the unattended guide won't work for WDS, so I really hope that there will soon be an guide for that here too.
  6. Sure, but here's two links: Google for lazyadmin(.com probably) and deployvista.com, the second sites has 4 tuts. There's also something from Iowa or something but there's just too many things done in it without explaining any of 'em so I don't recommend that one. I'll see what I can do before and during this weekend.
  7. Got drivers working, got my first app working. Now finding a solution for Office 2003, Microsoft doesn't support deploying Office 2003 because BDD and Windows are targeting their latest product: Vista and Office 2007, rather frustrating. BDD SE (standars edition) doesn't even have the deployment bench so I'm stuck with BDD2007. Anyhow, I'm still very glad that I managed to add Adobe Reader 8, a big step into the right direction.
  8. The same in a few ways, instead of using an CD a Windows 2003 Server, WDS stands for Windows Deployment Services, RIS: Remote Installation Services. It's used by OEM's and companies. Here a big tip: don't even try it. I can't place the apps in BDD2007, very frustrating. I do know there are several updatepacks, dutch too if not mistaken. Anyhow, thanks for welcoming me. Maybe I'll be able to find the pack again, when that happens I'll let you know.
  9. If there is one IT site on the world with relative much Dutch members is it MSFN You're a young Dutch but not the youngest, I'm 16 Welcome Oh neat, so what are you doing here, also gaining information about unattended installations or is your field of interest more ...extensive than that? Dunno what this forum is all about, have been busy with WDS (new version of RIS).
  10. What Henkes said is pretty much correct, but it's recommendable to start of with something basic: an bare Windows-deployment. Later on you could experiment with extras.
  11. Probably has something to do with the Active Directory, I think you should make users which have enough permissions and rights to enter the maps necessary for deployment.
  12. He doesn't use RIS but WDS. Are you using BDD2007 of Standard Edition? -2007 has an neat builder which is pretty handy, you can add drivers to it too, Bâshrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks are something you should take a look at. You can simply add them to BDD2007 with Out of the Box Drivers, makes an big list which is rather unorganized (atleast mine is) but it works.
  13. w00t, first reply, already worried about living in the wrong time zone.
  14. Finally I can respond, IE7 is giving some troubles with the lay-out, anyhow, here's what I wanted to say: I guess I try more when at home again, tried different things with the AIO, but I think making different 'programs' is better, I'll give you more info later on that. The problem I had at work was adding drivers, I try stuff at a small IBM-PC, now after adding Office the connection couldn't be made because of the missing LAN-driver. Added a bilion drivers which happen to give an error during the deployments I currently am trying. Do I need to rewrap the build or what? In the mean while I'm gonna try some stuff, here's the error: ZTI-Error Undhandled error returned by Z:\Drivers: Object required (424) ZTI-Error Undhandled error returned by Z:\Drivers: Object required (424) Non-zero return code executing command "X:\Deploy\Tools\X86 \TsmBootstrap.exe" /env:SaStart, rc=-2147467259 No more Error.

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