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  1. Well if you want an unattended setup, why not just set up the users in nLite ?
  2. Here is another tip for you, this drove me nuts, I literally worked non stop for a couple days trying to figure it out. If you disable or run the printer service on manual, installing BT you will get rpc server unavailable, this will stop your installation if you want it to be unattended, I run mine on automatic and then you can use the registry to disable after BT has been installed
  3. The best tool I find is Universal extractor 1.5. I have successfully integrated all my drivers/applications into my unattended cd, quite a few about 30, kinda ridiculous how many Sony has for such a small computer lol If you need any help, I will be around.
  4. This is probably because of the model.txt check. I have a Sony UX and if you download drivers from say a UX280P and your model is UX390N( drivers from Sony Support ) the drivers will fail and give you that extract message. Go look in C:\Windows for a "model.txt" also for it to show up a driver would have to fail. I have just extracted Sony's executables, this way you can get the original files and scrap the model check. EDIT: In Windows XP and Vista there is tricks to get around model.txt, I find it easier just to extract the drivers/applications.
  5. In what order should I integrate Windows Media Player 11 ? If I integrate it first, into a SP2 cd and then integrate SP3, once installed I have windows media play 9 and if I integrate it after SP3 runonceEX does not run. How can I solve this ?
  6. Thanks for the info biatche, the audio console is not included with the youpax drivers. After searching around on the internet, I found that to extract the creative executable you need to use winrar, I have never had to do this before well anyhow it worked and I now have all the installshields I need ( Creative Audio Console ) so I installed the youpax driver and am using the creatives console, seems to work like a charm. I made a silent install for it and tested now I just need to install my unatteneded cd on my comp for further testing... So this is for anyonw who cannot figure out how to extract Creatives drivers, use winrar if all esle fails ( universal extractor )
  7. Well rumor has it they are good right lol holy crap my mind was just blown when I saw the size of the suite ... 660mb wtf does the creative suite still work with the youpax drivers ? EDIT: no creative does not recognize
  8. biatche, Do these drivers come with the audio console ? Grake, What you said above, that is exactly what I did already Fungus, Maybe I will try it your way lol, installshield are easy /r for record to generate the iss and /s /sms for silent I will try and get back
  9. Here is the link to the Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme music Do these other drivers come with some sort of audio console ? /sp- /silent /norestart /verysilent /norestart I found those, have not tried them yet
  10. nLite nLite has its very own forum here CLICK Use it to strip out Windows components, add addons, drivers, tweaks, make your setup unattended and the list go's on....
  11. Well I am not sure what driver your talking about, one from driver heaven or creative, I cannot unpack either with universal extractor 1.5 ?
  12. Oh, better than Creative drivers I assume I am going to download now, maybe I can find a silent switch easier....
  13. I am looking for silent switches for Creative X-Fi driver software. Thanks
  14. Cti

    XP SP3 Intergration

    Yeah I integrated SP3 then added the "Universal_Audio_Architecture_High_Definition_Audio_AddOn_1.0.7z" add on, I have the driver install via WINNT.SIF, once Windows was installed the driver was recognized but said it "failed to start code 10"
  15. Cti

    XP SP3 Intergration

    Could this be why my audio drivers did not work after an unattended install, I added them to WINNT.sif and I also add the KB888111 add on ?
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