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  1. Darg XP Theme

    hi this is my theme 'Darg' for Windows XP Last Update: June 15 2008, version 0.11 - this Theme Have: * Custom Mouse Pointers (Vista Pointers) * New Windows Sound (for Start, Log On, Log Off , ...) * Vista Icons for 'My Computer' ,'My Documnts' ,'Recycle Bin' * Firozeih Wallpaper in Firozeih and FirozeihS Schemes (1600x1200) * 1 Theme Mode With 4 Schemes (Colors) * 4 normal Schemes and 4 Custom Schemes on Font and Sizes - New Version 0.11 * Add one new Color Scheme ('Shahrivar') * Add two Wallpaper for 'Shahrivar' Scheme (Dark Mode that setup Copy those in your Desktop on 'Darg Shahrivar' Folder) > Shahrivar1.jpg 1200x1024 > Shahrivar2.jpg 1600x1200 * fix Progressbar Show error * Taskbar Text Colors are Light than before, and Clock Text Color is invert. * removed InternetExplorer Icon from Setup pack. - For Uninstall first change Windows Theme to another Theme (any else Darg Theme) naxt Run Uninstall command from 'Control Panel\Add-Remove Programs\Darg XP Theme 011' - Schemes Descriptions * Firozeih (Persian language) equla 'Turquois' * Kaabood (Persian language) equla 'Sapphire' * Yagut (Persian language) equla 'Rubious' * Zar (Persian language) equla 'Aureate' * and 'S' of last name Schemes equla 'Segoe UI' ,'Small Size', 'Small Start' and ... * 'Shahrivar' this is Last Month name of Summer in 'Persian Calendar' (,only ver 0.11) 'Shahrivar' Scheme Picture: Download v0.11 without ux-Patchs Size: 4.16 MB Format: Rar Download only ux-Patchs Size: 1.09 MB Format: Zip
  2. Problem with Replace file

    tanks all i fix it with your help the main word for search was "modifype" i first edited file send to modifype and this changes my edited file. befor this i can see bitmap pictures with reshacker an now reshacker dont show those pictures (it first that i extract logonui.exe form main logonui.ex_). and correct, I use than SP3 Setup and now dont problem with replace other files (for example ntoskrnl.exe)
  3. Hello, Sorry for my poor English I have one problem with replace Logonui.exe (logonui.ex_ edited) on \I386 Folder I first export original logonui.exe from logonui.ex_ with winrar, next edit it with ResHacker and replace my custom bitmap to it and save. After for test replace it to my current system and test it (version of both those are 6.0.2900.5512) it run can work correctly and successfully. After I compressed the new lononui.exe with MakeCab.exe: makecab .\logonui.exe .\logonui.ex_ /v3 and replace new logonui.ex_ to Image Setup CD with UltraISO and save new image. but on setup text Mode of winXP ,Setup Have error: "The File Logonui.exe was not copied correctly" I don’t understand where my error !? I read the description for this work (a topic on this forum) that say must compressed that file with "Compression Bin" program. And I download it and again compress with this profram: Edited Logonui .exe size: 3,102,720 bytes Compressed size (with my way): 1,763,004 bytes Compressed size (with Compression Bin): 1,431,824 bytes !!! And again replace new logonui.ex_ (:with Compression Bin) to image setup cd but Setup again have this error: "The File Logonui.exe was not copied correctly" Please help me, I don’t understand where my error !?