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  1. FoxHound

    DVD player

    Try VideoLAN, its one of the best DVD players I've seen
  2. Thanks Reno, I will try that one, even though it works now
  3. UPDATE-After an extensive research from the provided links(Thank You Everyone) I realized that my iPod was Formated for MAC and downloaded the Anapod Reinitializer to format my iPod and reinitialize it to use on a Windows PC.After that I retried it on Anapod and sure enough it worked...! Thank You Everyone!
  4. tried it...it stores the MP3's Just fine..but when I browse for the music I don't find it...iPod isn't a traditional Drag and Drop Digital Player, you have do some formatting to the Sound Files Before it is sent to the iPod Oh Man, that means I have to return my iPod to wal mart
  5. I just got an iPod of Christmas and was delighted to use it on my PC.Surprisingly as soon as I attached my iPod Windows98SE Recognized it as an Apple iPod Thanks to Maxim Decim USB Drivers.But I couldn't get iTunes on Windows 98SE and after trying several other equvalents(vPod,EphPod).To My surprise non of them detected my iPod Nano, even though it was installed by windows.I checked in the My Computer Folder and sure enough the iPod Drive was there.The Computer recognized it as a normal USB Disk Drive.But every software I tired could not detect the iPod. What Should I do?
  6. Well I heard Enough...I'm downloading OpenOffice
  7. Thanks a Bunch! EDIT:Wait a minute...OpenOffice Can Create .PDF format files?
  8. FoxHound

    98 to ME

    In My Opinion Windows 2000 maybe a better OS than Windows 98 but its more...clunky and bloated...it was Microsoft's Answer to the horrible ME and I don't like that.Then Again Installing 2000 Means you don't have to worry about running most of the latest Programs(Most still support Win2000). I say go right ahead and install Windows 2000 with SP4 and all other Updated for Maximum Security.
  9. I am working on a little PDF project and I need a good PDF Creator.I was about to buy the latest Adobe Acrobat Pro but it didn't support Windows 98 SE .Is there an Open Source Creator of PDF documents ??
  10. Oh please there has to be an update...can anyone summarize the progress of the next release????
  11. You Know Why To Use Windows 9x? 1)Most of the Bugs is worked out...you don't need many patches anymore.Even without Mzoft' Support, Windows 9x can still be updated by Private Projects. 2)Its Does not carry all the unnecessary whistles and bells that come with Windows Xp.At least in 9x, you can choose what components to use 3)I have tried All of the OS's Made By Microsoft(Even Windows 3.1 and a little bit of the DOS 1.0) and by far the 9x series was the least buggiest. 4)Unlike the new OS's Windows 9x doesn't Sap your precious resources.I went to the task manager and saw all these programs... 5)There was no protection.Windows XP, after installing the OS, as I connected to the net for the first time these annoying popups came up.Later I found out that People can manipulate the Windows XP Alert Messenger(not MSN Messenger) to send targeted ads. 6)There are so many viruses made for XP and Vista(Even With SP2) there are many ways to easily go through the security. 7)Many Virus Developers forgot about 9x so theoretically its much safer. I'd Post More reasons but I have to go to sleep.
  12. well I have created an updated release of the 98se SP (v2.2.0) in my spare time a while ago but I'm not going to be creating future releases after that. by the start of next year I might be moving on to more important things in life outside the computer world. if there was going to be a newer release of the 98se SP (created by me) I'll probably release it right around the Christmas holidays. but that's a BIG IF It looks like Gurgelmeyer may have also suffered the same fate as Gape. see Hostream forum: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=130 it looks like someone there might be taking over the Hostream project and the Kernel Update Project....I think someone already took over that project.
  13. Hmmm...don't you have to replace the Main kernel as well as every aspect of the core system?If you do that its bye bye windows 98 But I don't think you can do that
  14. But I agree WinRAR is better. TOO! There is also Power Zip,power zip also has built-in support for Cab, Rar, Tar, Gz, Bz2, Z, Ace and Jar files but you still have to pay up $20 for Full Version
  15. Thats Great, I think ClamWin is a good AV plus it also doubles as an anti-spyware.I just now know it does support Windows 9X/ME/2000.. Did Anyone take a look at source code? After reading some documentation, it may also support a LIVE SCAN.The AV will check for virus/Spyware witout installing the whole program...it can be ran though the CD or USB or it can be used to check for viruses BEFORE installing the Service Pack, something you can't do wit Mcafee. ClamWin CD/USB - HowTo How to Run ClamWin from CD or USB Introduction This tutorial explains how to create a CD or USB key with ClamWin, to allow a Windows PC to be scanned for viruses without having to install ClamWin. Note that the CD/USB key is not bootable, and so can only be used on a working Windows PC. This tutorial was written to satisfy a feature request logged with the ClamWin project (RFE 945882) The PC that is used to create the CD/USB will need to have ClamWin installed, and be able to copy files/folders to a CD or USB key. Preparation Start by installing the latest version of ClamWin, and download the latest virus definitions. See the ClamWin manual for full details on how to do this. Note that, if you are going to create a CD, you will not be able to update the virus definitions without creating a new CD, since a CD is read-only. Copy Folders Create a working folder in a convenient location to hold the files that are to be copied onto CD/USB, eg C:\ClamWin-CD. In the working folder, create a folder named ClamWin. Copy the contents of the ClamWin program folder into C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin. By default, the ClamWin program folder is installed to C:\Program Files\ClamWin Create folders named log, db and quarantine in C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin Copy the ClamWin database files (main.cvd & daily.cvd) into C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin\db. In Windows 2000/XP, the ClamWin database folder defaults to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\.clamwin\db, where USERNAME is your login name (if it was installed for a single user) or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\.clamwin\db (if it was installed for all users). Copy this config file to C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin\bin\clamwin.conf You should now have the following folders: C:\ClamWin-CD C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin\bin C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin\db C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin\lib C:\ClamWin-CD\ClamWin\quarantine Copy Files to CD/USB Now you just need to copy the contents of C:\ClamWin-CD to a CD or USB key. Do not copy the C:\ClamWin-CD folder itself, only the contents. Exactly how this is done will depend on whether a CD or USB key is to be used, and what software is to be used. Using the CD/USB To use it, insert the CD/USB into the PC to be scanned. Run ClamWin by double-clicking on the ClamWin.exe file in the ClamWin\bin folder. ClamWin should operate normally, but if run from CD or a read-only USB drive, it will have the following restrictions: * Files will not be quarantined * Internet updates will not work * Preferences cannot be changed These restrictions will not apply if it is run from a USB drive with read-write permissions. Based on this, you need to install ClamWin FIRST so you can copy the program to a CD or USB so it can be ran as a LIVE CD/SCAN Program.You could pack the LIVE SCAN with the Service Pack to Check for Viruses before installation...as I said before
  16. Win Rar is also a good candidate, I think it still supports Win9x/200/ME...
  17. Not on my Win98SE machines but they are installed on my WinXP boxes I think you should stick with VirusScan 9.1 build I tested a demo version of VirusScan 10 build 10.0.21 and the McAfee security center app bundled in VS 10 nags me to check for updates (after more than 7 days) after setting up VirusScan 10 and mcafee security center to not automatically check for and download updates. VS 9 and the older build of mcafee security center is less intrusive. I got rid of it and reverted back to the version. VirusScan Home Edition 11 (also included in VirusScan Plus 2007) can only run under Win2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista. last version of VirusScan Home Edition to support Win98 & ME is version 10. Why not use Clam AntiVirus...much better than McAfee and it can be packed with the SP easily... I really don't know any programing language but could someone look at the source code(Clam AV is Opensource) and see how can they change it up to be bundled with the next release of the service pack the site is http://www.clamav.net/
  18. ah there we go now I have all my new fonts intalled.Thank You everyone for all your help.The Tewak UI repaired everything!
  19. I have tweak UI, it was installed with the Unofficial SP 2.1a
  20. OK here is the thing, there is no Install New Font in the file menu!Here is the screenshot to prove it
  21. the extension is .ttf there is no anywhere, its just a folder Control Panel -> Fonts -> Add Font
  22. I just installed some fonts to use with my Photoshop by copying the fonts into the C:\windows\fonts folder.when I checked if it worked on wordpad the newly installed fonts didn't appear in the font list.So I went back to C:\windows\fonts to see if the fonts are there and sure enough they were.But they still don't appear in part of a font when I try to use them.I checked if the font was compatlable with windows and it was.How do I fix this?
  23. Well if you "End Task" Explorer it disappears in the Task Manager Window, but there is still a possibility of it working.I mean Explorer.exe is a system program, which means its a critical part of the OS, isn't it?
  24. What about Firefox 2?Its a lot safer becasue this is the only remaining browsers that DOESN'T rely on the IE engine.Instead it uses the much safer Gecko.
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