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  1. I am using RP7.0 with lameskin 7. This is what I mean: This is one of the severe ones using tenet xp:
  2. I'm asking if you are completely changine the the whole envoriment of 98se, removing old widows visual styles.
  3. I am having problems with trasnparencies in the start buttons on most of the skins. Even in 32 Bit Enabled I still see a white space around the start button. How can I make it disappear?
  4. I am very excited about this project, but I still have some unanswered question that still lingers. I am still puzzled about the skinning engine. Is Lameskin going to be the native GUI for Lupus, meaning NO MORE of the dull boxy buttons and windows, or is it just going to do pretty much the same thing RP7 does, slap an image on the windows?
  5. For the time being, you can actually fix that (by changing the text to black) by adjusting the following lines: Open C:\windows\resources\SilverXP\Skin.ini Look for: TaskText=255 255 255 ClockText=255 255 255 Change to: TaskText=0 0 0 ClockText=0 0 0 Save and then reselect SilverXP. Thanks, it worked.
  6. WOW, I have to say, this is one of the best skins I have seen so far. But a little suggestion, you might want to alter the text colors a bit since they blend into the background, but otherwise this is a great theme. Thanks!
  7. Well I tried your suggestion but did not work. I got the Windows 98 Driver from Driver Guide.com. That driver works superbly with my Windows 9SE. I guess I have no choice but to revert back Windows 98. Unless there is a way to alter the .inf file to fool XP into thinking its the right driver, but I have no idea how to program anything let alone alter the file.
  8. Nope, still Windows XP still refuses to recognize the Drivers. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Wow, how did you find this site, I've been looking everywhere, thank you!
  10. I just recently upgraded to Windows XP SP1 from Windows 98se(Clean Install) and was sad to find no driver for my video card MX86200. Right now Xp is using a generic driver which makes everything so slow and the refresh rate very low. I searched everywhere to find nothing. The only one I could find was at DriverGuide and the driver I downloaded from there was supposed to work with XP but my OS didn't recognize it. I also checked with the official manufacturer website, they don't even offer driver downloads anymore. Why can't I seem to get a right driver for it? Again the Video Card is Macronix MX86200
  11. Keep Up the Good Work on the Unofficial Windows 98 SP Gape!

  12. The point I'm trying to make is that you CAN make Windows 98 look like that because the picture I used for that bar is a screenshot from my Windows 98 running Thihiy's Lameskin. I thought people would like to know that Windows98 is capable of looking colorful and glassy like Vista P.s. Had you taken a look at my Signature and saw my PC specs you would know there would be no way to run a vista on my PC!!! Here is another GFX, Avatar 98x100
  13. Vista Eye candy Evil? NO NO NO! I even used Tihiy RP7 Skin to create the bar, I thought It would give people who aren't familiar with windows 98 a new view of the old OS. Besides no matter how much I love windows 98, the eye candy could never be compared to that of vistas, so why not use that one? Anyway here: Reduced to 300x19 I also made another one: P.S. to other people making bars, wouldn't it be more classy and edgy if you add a 1px border around it?
  14. I thought I would contribute to the cause with a Userbar I made.
  15. Here is my try to add a little a moder vista twist to my beloved Windows 98 SE....I still don't know how to add a perfect reflection of the orb so I just used the elliptical marquee to make a gradient to transparent and decreased the opacity...anyone know of a better way? Full Size is 800x600 of course...! Version One( Accidentally Deleted the .PSD file) Second Version(.PSD can be provided upon request)
  16. Nice! Just add a white to transparent gloss effect and a little Gaussian Blur to add a reflection effect to it. Nice Job!
  17. still didn't work on another PC...an older one
  18. well I use 110mb.com, if offers free hosting with ftp and php/mysql support. but I guess its so popular that they only let people sign up at random times....
  19. I just installed a new 4MB Rendition Stealth II 2200 Video Card on my old PC. When I started the PC after fitting the new hardware its started normally(Note in the Bios system check during boot it said updating ESCD, I think)..after the OS booted up I installed the latest driver for the Video Card...after a few days of normal usage problems started. One day when I started my computer nothing came up, just blank screen, I shut the PC down and restarted over and over but nothing came up. I figured there was something with my video card so I took out the Rendition I put in a few days ago, and replaced it with the old Trident Card and it worked...this happens every time I try to replace the video card, whats the problem?
  20. Yes but it only provides only bare skeletal version of the OS. There isn't much support for the many hardwares out there and doesn't run many Windows Applications(i.e. Photoshop)
  21. Yes, its design to mimic the WindowsXP(NT) framework so it can run many Windows Programs
  22. Slax is only available as in Live CD (last time I checked) but I want a Linux OS that is not just sufficient enough to run my Computer but to provide many software good ones, which is why I'm leaning heavily on Unbuntu.
  23. ReactOS isn't a...an OS because its so underdeveloped.I've tried the Live CD and my video card wasn't compatible with it. I never heard of Dream and Vector... I still have other possibilities.Which one to pick??? Debian Suse Slax(Install Version, if any) Linspire xunbutu RedHat(Debain)
  24. Yes thats why I ordered a CD. But are you sure it supports such a horrible res?
  25. I am very tired of Windows 98SE and want to get a new Linux Based Operating System. The Problem is that I really don't have a good PC..(See Signature for Specs.) 500MHz-AMD K6 MMX~3DNow 384MB RAM Trident Non-3D Video Card (1MB)-Only Supports Max 800x600 16bit Resolution Based on this information above, what Linux Operating system is made for 800x600(16Bit) Res? I really don't care what version. (Please don't tell me to get a better system because I can obviously see that) -Thanks You-
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