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  1. I've had pretty good experience with Windows. No issues on my end.
  2. Yes and no. What you can try using is PLoP: http://www.plop.at/ http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html It should work, but I don't think it will work in a sequence like the one you proposed (pre-booting from USB Flash, then switch to CD/DVD). I presume you will have to copy it to the internal hard disk. Since it is chainloadable from both DOS and NT/2K/XP/2003's NTLDR/BOOT.INI (and from /Vista/2008/7), you shouldn't have a problem in using it even without actually installing it. jaclaz This program showed some promise till I found out that "Only USB mass storage devices are supported. The USB support allows to boot from usb harddisk, usb sticks and usb cardreaders. USB floppys and CD/DVD drives are not working. " I have to wait till they update it or find some workaround
  3. I have an HP Pavillion dv6647cl laptop with a broken cd/dvd internal drive. Replacing it wasn't an option so I just bought a USB external CD/DVD combo drive. The problem is it's not letting me boot bootable CD's from the external drive. I know for a fact that my BIOS supports USB booting and I have no problem booting USB flash drives with it. The BIOS itself is flashed to the latest version (HP - F.32 - Phoenix Bios). I've tried several Windows and Linux bootable CD's that are bootable but it still won't boot from the USB external optical drive. Is there any USB Flash drive program I can boot first so it can then boot from the external DVD/CD drive? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello and I recently got a dv6500 Series HP pavillion notebook and I was wondering if there are any drivers out there thats compatable with it. I've tried installing my XP on the laptop and it installed perfectly but only problem is the fact that there are no drives for XP as the laptop was designed for Vista...any help here?
  5. I think when you create recovery disks, it creates ONE, and ONLY ONE copy of the Operating System, I don't know if it also copies the Drivers.
  6. After downloading the HP version of my audio card, I was finally able to install Vista SP1 using the standalone version. Thanks for the help everyone
  7. I'm guessing you may have one of the drivers MS has identified as potentially causing problems with Vista installation. Check out MS KB948343 for more information. Thats the weirdest part, this is an HP Pavillion the came pre installed wit Vista Home Premium. EDIT: I checked the link it says that the HD Audio[The same one on my Pavillion dv6647cl] might be out of date I got version 4.18....I tried updating this from Windows Update and after restart my sound wasn't working anymore as well as the shortcut sound buttons on the laptop. The driver for the audio card I have is specifically made for this laptop and its features. Microsoft tries to download the normal driver for it and it isn't compatible. What should I do?
  8. I downloaded everything there is to download from Windows Update but Vista still doesn't show the SP1 in the download list. I checked the system info if it already had installed it w/o warning but it didn't :/
  9. Hmmm, The only question that matters is the last question, which dictates your OS Personality. I think....
  10. I need one because ActiveSync can't detect it.
  11. I actually like the Windows Revolution skin except for the Taskbar. The buttons on it and the background look out of place.
  12. I really don't appreciate your tone as all I asked for was an insight to this problem. FYI it really wasn't necessary to tell you the version since this problem has been around since I first used Firefox(1.5). If you must know I use FF Firefox practically updates itself without me knowing anyways. I didn't even know it was until it finished the download(Sneaky Firefox ) Hmm....maybe thats why I asked this... All I was trying to do was brainstorm a solution to this problem, especially to people who don't have a lot of resources to throw around. I guess discussing anything against Firefox is a taboo in MSFN.
  13. The task bar looks awesome, and cool looking start button. I wonder what the rollover looks like? Also, do you have any screen shots for the windows skins? Good Job!
  14. Hmm Seamonkey....isn't that Mozilla Suite?
  15. I must say, with the PC specs you have I am a little bit surprised you haven't switched to a more entertainment oriented OS like Windows XP. Its not that 95 is bad but because there isn't a lot of support for it anymore. There are more application choices in XP.
  16. Its a norm for anyone who has ever used Firefox to be enraged by the slow load up times and lethargic GUI response. My question is why does this happen. Even in high-end PC Firefox seems to take its time. Can anyone offer up a solution because this problem has became rampant as Firefox became more bloated. Even in safe mode when no extension are used Firefox still hogs memory.
  17. This is my first time I tried to alter a skin and for a first-timer its not bad...I think. I kept thinking of adding something to the XPEnergy theme which had empty start button so I went ahead and tried to edit it. Here it is: I know it looks bad but this is just the first step in the road to creating my own theme soon. DEFAULT_STARTBUTTON_BMP.bmp
  18. That was what I was afraid of. Oh well.
  19. Is this Maximus Decim's Update or something else becasue I have the Maximum-Decim Native USB Drivers already installed. P.S. More info, as soon as I plug it in, 98 names the phone as "RIM Handheld"...if it helps.
  20. I hate you foxhound HATE YOU!

  21. Hello World! I just got my Blackberry 7100t from my sister and I tried to connect it through normal USB Data Cable. Except Windows 98 can't find a dirver as always. Is there any drivers that might work with my Phone? -Thank You-
  22. Wow Marxo, the Minesweeper game looks awesome. But I have a suggestion, how about adding games from WinXP like GameZone Checkers or Chess as well as opensource games out there?
  23. I'll try to get the Lameskin Update but RP updates I'm not touching. The last thing I need is webview headaches right now, I saw what happened when I tried unistalling RP never going to try it again. Where can I get the Lamesking 8 Preview?
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