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    Here it is: http://www.mdgx.com/files/DSCLIENT.EXE
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    Hi ZaPbUzZ. Thanks for your response. Don't know about eBay, probably a very JavaScript heavy site. RetroZilla has limitations, there is no doubt. Personally the only login i use Windows 98 for is this forum. Still need to boot to another OS for email, banking, etc. The nostalgia is strong with me too, still enjoy using Windows 98 everyday, clicking on stuff, using old software :) Fully agree with your remarks about keeping old hardware alive, the embodied energy has already been spent on production and old hardware rarely gets recycled properly. There was a time my plans were to move all computing to Raspberry Pi but it would immediately obsolete my entire hardware collection, so i stick with the old stuff. When Windows 98 is too old, the newer NT releases still work great (Windows XP, 2000) and for me there's always lightweight GNU/Linux, works fine on all this old hardware.
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    Windows 2000 is not a file type. UMDF was only relevant to one guess at a possible solution and is no longer relevant to the problem. Please answer my questions so we can think up other possible solutions to try.
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    I did omit it, since it wasn't present in the Windows 10 reg entry (since it has no map interface for time zones, I think that's why it doesn't have it; but many XP time zone entires don't have it either) but it would have been preserved on any NT 5.x install that had KB4507704 or previous Morocco time zone information.
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    I apologize for delay in response have been juggling bad eBay retro sellers however I forgot what the site I was trying download from. Anyhow, its a astonishing to get as far as connecting to sites with a browser on windows 98se I know the world is moving on however people want to go back to the old windows machines as there are many things left behind that just isn't available anymore. The nostalgic aspect is there however being able to bridge the gap between software architectural generations builds a bridge of opportunity to revisit the golden days and inspire imagination of what could be in the future. Perhaps to see the patented works of Apple quicktime or even real media to invent a new video extension that obseletes mkv for example as AMD used to study Intel patents to find new ways to do what they do without patent violations. If we look at Discord we see it is similar to IRC Chat but more evolved. But bottom line its projects such as retrozilla that keep people using windows 9x for something useful than just old games. The Environmental aspects such as the lighter 32bit base of DOS and NT this makes for lower power consumption and stops older hardware getting recycled releasing chemicals.
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    I guess no one posted it yet, right? I can't find it on RyanVM.
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