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  1. I made patch for CVE2019-1441, CVE-2019-0889, CVE-2019-0890, CVE-2019-0891, CVE-2019-0893, CVE-2019-0894, CVE-2019-0895, CVE-2019-0896, CVE-2019-0897, CVE-2019-0898, CVE-2019-0899, CVE-2019-0900, CVE-2019-0901, CVE-2019-0902 If anyone interested I will post it in ryanvm forum Anyone one can list out all cve of gdiplus after April 2019? Edit: Now testing fix for CVE-2020-0779,CVE-2020-0814, CVE-2020-0842, CVE-2020-0843,CVE-2020-0847
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  2. On the very long run, yes, but we're talking about years... I gotta say though that XP is suffering the lack of support for many things by now and although many things still work for Professional Usage (Avisynth+, x262/x264/x265, ffmpeg, etc) some other don't (recent version of Visual Studio, Photoshop, Premier, AVID Media Composer, Davinci Resolve, Blender, AVID ProTools, Cubase, etc) making it impossible to be used for professional stuff anymore... Even Avisynth+ - which is still supported as a frameserver along with many filters - suffers a pretty bad thing: it doesn't have any updated indexers and without an indexer you cannot create an uncompressed A/V stream to be used inside a frameserver, so... And sure there are workarounds like using ffmpeg to make a lossless mezzanine file with HuffYUV or FFV1 etc but still it's far from being an ideal workflow... Besides, some other lossless codecs like UTVideo dropped XP support entirely along with Windows 7 support, so it's a no go as well. Things are different for a non-professional use of XP, like browsing (we do have updated browsers), watching videos (we do have updated video players like PotPlayer), listening to audio files (PotPlayer again to name one or Foobar 2000 etc), chatting with our friends and relatives (there's Miranda which supports Skype, Facebook, Discord, IRC and other platform, there's Telegram which still works although new version don't work, there's TeamSpeak which works if you use an old version and you connect to an old server and so on). Of course, no one is stopping you from using old version of very well-known programs, however the problem is that bugs will never be fixed and of course nothing new will be supported. For instance, a friend of mine bought the Sony A7III which shoots pictures in 6K HLG HDR. I wanted to edit the raw footages with Photoshop CS4, however I couldn't because it didn't support that camera and the plugin released by Sony didn't work with older version of Photoshop. I couldn't even see them 'cause although Irfan View managed to display them, Windows XP has NO FLIPPING CLUE about what a color curve other than the Linear BT601 and Linear BT709 is, therefore it was totally ignoring both the colormatrix BT2020 and the color curve HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma), thus displaying a gray-ish image. One more example? Well, a friend of mine bought a BlackMagic Cinema Pocket Camera and I wanted to see the videos on my computer, but sadly .braw files can be decoded by the BlackMagic Player only (no MPV, no Media Player Classic, no PotPlayer, no VLC etc) but of course it didn't work on XP as I couldn't install it. Of course the guys from BlackMagic also released an .msi with the codec so that you can use whatever player you like as long as it uses DirectShowSource (like MPC-HC), but again I couldn't install it because it didn't support XP... Long story short: I do like XP, it's something that really matters to me, but it's just a VM on my computer now... I also have a VM with Windows 98SE which is constantly closed and I turn it on once in a while when it's its "birthday", I look at it, I remember the good old days and then I turn it off again. As to XP I do use it, but only as my non-work-related OS. You know, I use it to check Facebook, to go to Doom9, MSFN, to chat with my friends, to listen to music and to help the Avisynth community, but that's pretty much it. For everything else, I have Windows 10 which I use for stuff like Visual Studio, Eclipse, MATLAB and other stuff. As to the main OS which handles the VMs, I'm using Fedora (which is Linux, namely the distro used by Linus Torvald himself and the one that it's a "beta" of the RHEL used by many companies) and I'm quite happy about it. Sure, it's not XP, but at least it's not Windows 10... As a side note, for everyone holding their breaths for One Core API and the modified kernel, just... don't... Sure, the development is going on, we're making progress and it indeed adds some functions/kernel calls that didn't exist on XP before and you can download it, install it and use it even now like I've been doing for quite some time, but if you think that it's going to be a miracle that makes everything run for years to come, including drivers etc... don't... In the foreseeable future, I think .NET Framework 5 will be one of the things that will kill XP and Windows 7.
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  3. OK, some things have changed for the better. Unless you're using Windows 2000. Teams in 360 Extreme Explorer 11.0.2251.0 does work on XP x64, and probably NT 5.1 as well, but fails on Windows 2000. Only some minor cosmetic glitches seem to occur. Stuff like conferencing cannot be tested as I don't have a webcam handy. My laptop actually can't run XP due to issues with the inbox drivers, so it looks I'm going to have to put Server 2003 to use M$ Teams. At least no VMs are necessary. UPDATE: turns out that the situation with win2k is fixable. I think I just need to get mozglue.dll (and chrome_elf.dll?) to call XP's crypto files much like my fix for Office 2007.
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  4. Tried emulating latest APK on Bluestacks App Player Chat is available, while member's status is not
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  5. Please, be patient, of course, there is going to be the new version soon, bit I'm a bit busy in the current situation.
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