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    Hello everyone, again I shared a topic on how to install .NET Framework 4.6.2 up to 4.7.2 on Windows Vista, blackwingcat managed to install .NET Framework 4.5 on Windows 2000, here the link: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1707555.html Has anyone also managed to install NETFX 4.5 on Windows 2000?
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    (Forum software wouldn't let me insert the above quote into my previous post) Maybe Wine could be adapted to XP, but it would take a lot of work, and wouldn't really get you as far as you might wish to go. ReactOS is probably a better bet.
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    ... I suppose politics isn't allowed here in MSFN (yes, according to rule 2.b: ), so I'll only skim the surface of things, limiting myself to the "technology/physics" of the issue: 1. The USA are a vastly industrialized country, its huge industry sector is responsible for a considerable percentage of global warming/climate change emissions. 2. The current US president, to my knowledge, has withdrawn the US from any global CO2-emissions control treaties, while "poor" Europe still has to honour them. 3. Global warming inducing emissions in one continent contribute to the whole planet getting warmer, as the "butterfly effect" applies here. 4. Using an air-conditioning device consumes major amounts of electricity, to produce this, more emissions are disseminated in power plants, especially if they are of the thermo-electric type (combustion of fossil fuels is used to generate steam, to drive generators). 5. Using an air conditioning device lowers the temperature in the inside, but excess heat is transferred to the outside, resulting in a change to the micro-climate of the area/town/city you live in (surrounding air gets even hotter). FWIW, I am poor (literally, i.e. I have only a reduced/unstable income), a European, but I do have AC in my apartment; for the record, highs up to 38°C are forecast for today, July 28th, where I reside, plus another spell of an African heatwave is about to strike, starting next Wednesday... This was not meant as an inflammatory post , I know what @glnz posted had a joking flavour into it ; still, I posted what I did as food for thought...
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    I like this attitute . I have uploaded the script to the download Archive under https://mega.nz/#F!2lBVBBLI!WqmqhpxuX0qyCY1LiX4-gw!L0omSarK. Please download "HFSLIP2000-info.7z" and unpack it to your Windows source folder. The file structure will look something like this: I386 SUPPORT CDROM_IP.5 CDROM_NT.5 CDROMSP4.TST HFSLIP.LOG HFSLIP2000-info.cmd Then just run "HFSLIP2000-info.cmd" and wait for the results. It may take some time as the script is not optimized (=it is slow), and also right now requires to be run in Windows 7 and above (because of one of the tools used to calculate SHA1). The script will make a list of all files from the i386 folder, including their size, version, and SHA1 checksum. Once the script has finished its job, you will find a new file called "HFSLIP2000-info.txt" next to the script file. Please pack it and upload somewhere for me to see.
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    Yes, I'm willing to run such a script. Anything for the proliferation of Windows 2000
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    There were still several APIs missing when I was testing it for the last time a few years ago. I cannot say for now though, with the newest version of the @blackwingcat's kernel. The installation then was partially functional. Some programs requiring it worked fine, some others did not. Of course, the official installer has never worked in Windows 2000, so you need to use my unofficial combined .NET installation package instead.
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