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    New build of post-deprecated basilisk/moebius for XP! * Notice: This repo will not be built on regular schedule, and changes are experimental as usual. ** Current moebius patch level should be on par with 52.8, but some security patches can not be applied/ported due to source milestone differences between versions. Test binary: Win32 http://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win32-git-20181208-674c9f995-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win64-git-20181208-674c9f995-xpmod.7z repo: https://github.com/roytam1/basilisk55 Repo changes: - update NSS to rev 77ae602f995a with nss339-vc2013.diff applied (4805331b1) - update nss to hg rev f71285ab64af with vc2013 patch (25bb4329d) - import changes from UXP: - Port WebP decoder changes. (238b430ec) - Bug 1462355 - Part 1a. Make imgFrame animation parameters threadsafe. (807acf738) - Bug 1462355 - Part 1b. Update Decoder and SurfacePipe plumbing to use updated imgFrame methods. (622098073) - Bug 1462355 - Part 1c. Make individual image decoders to use updated Decoder/SurfacePipe methods. (3417e581c) - Fix pasta error (b9003c9c5) - Unrefactor mRawVeggies back to mVBuffMeat ;P (5b821064f) - Split out FrameTimeout into its own header file for re-use. (a51993521) - Fix blank pixel color for truncated GIFs (25f4c75d6) (c994f27de) - add Span.h from UXP, and port changes from UXP: - Update libnestegg from upstream (dad1c31db) - [webm] Store LastSeenFrame dimensions as an nsIntSize (ae3cdb4be) - [vpx] Store VPXDecoder codec as an enum (5a83ed9eb) - Add Span support to MediaRawData (2a00bf126) - Implement keyframe and framesize VPXDecoder helpers (55c6aa422) - Call VPXDecoder libvpx wrappers for WebM (3ec54eeac) - [webm] Treat demuxing errors differently than EOS (632b67483) - [webm] Don't reject seeks with EOS (81c39ba87) - Port the libvpx mozbuild generator to aom (07c17b6b9) - Import aom library (68569dee1) - Generate build description for libaom (a66e91651) - Add --enable-av1 configure switch (99ed16064) - Add AOMDecoder (9aea199da) - Add AOMDecoder to AgnosticDecoderModule (3e0443e4c) - Recognize AV1 in WebMDemuxer (ee2cb65e2) - Add missing includes to WebMDemuxer (e5545e10a) - Add aom to the list of thirdparty code (e8480f8a7) - [aom] Remove 32-bit Mac OS build config (08619db14) - [aom] Enable YASM (f45278950) - Make AOMDecoder actually build (26dc168e3) - Remove aom_codec_stream_info_t sz field references (1036d1fa0) - Add av1 to MediaSource.isTypeSupported (0cc51bc10) - Update aom to slightly newer commit ID (df9477dfa) - Fix typo (build bustage) (4b5e22956) - Add missing includes to FFmpegLibWrapper (dddc2aa9e) - [av1] Clean up duplicate filenames check (afda5e384) - [aom] Add x86-win32-gcc config (857b86f25) - Make aom_config.asm match upstream (ecdaf7930) - [aom] Filter out CONFIG_EXT_PARTITION_TYPES (4121d7571) - [aom] Remove unused option (77887af9c) - Update aom to commit id f5bdeac22930ff4c6b219be49c843db35970b918 (7369c7d7a) - Export aom_config.h (21598d1bd) - [aom] Fix stream info peeking (e394e2049) - [aom] Resample high bit depth frames (4653be960) - [aom] Don't resample 8-bit images (0c98b7165) - [aom] Fix win32 debug build (01eb57073) - Update aom to commit id e87fb2378f01103d5d6e477a4ef6892dc714e614 (ec910d814) - [av1] Fix build issues (464c3130f) - Fix aom compile errors with VS2015 (125aff11b) - Add Python cmake parser (39e842a83) - Add generate_sources_mozbuild.py (5c0c6c73a) - Update generate_sources_mozbuild.sh (b425400e9) - Add aom_version.h (c410f04e8) - Add support for SSE 4.2 to libaom moz.build (14805f6dd) - Update aom to v1.0.0 (bbcc64772) - Do not build aomstats unless examples are enabled (ab5b4462a) - [aom] Fixup moz.build (4f63fc3bd) - Updates to AOMDecoder for aom v1.0.0 (ee1300453) - Add missing : to libaom moz.build (9469bc196) - [aom] No longer necessary to run lint_config.sh anymore (a4d3c59dc) - Update libaom to rev b25610052a1398032320008d69b51d2da94f5928 (b8df135c9) - [aom] Only build stats code if examples are enabled (ba5a1ea60) - Update libaom vendor scripts to account for upstream changes (41fbdea45) - Update libaom to commit ID 1e227d41f0616de9548a673a83a21ef990b62591 (d2499ead9) - Put AV1 codec behind a pref (6ddf66542) - Fix canPlayType/isTypeSupported for AV1 content (e5b30fc95) - Downsample av1 images unconditionally (070c2cb24) - Use larger stack for media decoder threads (47a01617e) - Add support for AV1 in MP4 (29f718ef7) - Ensure we correctly parse the finalized codec string for av1 (23013dda6) - Revert "Add support for AV1 in MP4" (192199b03) - Add support to libstagefright for AV1 FourCCs (df59d06fd) - Add support to libstagefright for AV1 FourCCs (part 2) (4d8b7a376) - Add AV1 support to MP4Decoder. (56c26d867) (f6fa83111) - update libaom to rev 98dae942edd3032c89b0e8bae9b4d50398931405 (without moz.build and aom_ports/aom_once.h) (94be72a45) - import change from UXP: - Change embedded emoji font from EmojiOne to Twemoji. (b4e843aa3) (674c9f995)
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    But I gives me better browsing performance. It has better memory management (if I minimize it doesn't eat up everything)
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    Man believe me. For god's sake your Basilisk 55 is better than UXP 52
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    Alright I will check them out.
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    I've got two Vista Ultimate installations, both updated with Server 2008 SP2 patches, and both show the 11.0.6002.24483 version number you have. Looking at some other files in the WMP folder, things with 11.0.6000.xxxxx numbers date back to 2006, when Vista first appeared. Things numbered 11.0.6001.xxxx go back to 2008. The setup_wm.exe file I'm looking at is numbered 11.0.6002.18111 and dates to 2009. For comparison, Win 7's WMP has some file version numbers starting with 6.1 (and some with 12.0.) So my suspicion is that the 600N thing was Microsoft's pointer to "Windows Vista Service Pack N" So your later WMP file number (and mine) came from one of those Server 2008 updates. Well. that was the whole point of patching in the Server 2008 stuff -- to get the updates. So now you've shown it works.
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    Not really. A conspiracy theorist would assume that since it is not documented the exact way the data is sent and which exact data is actually sent, then there must be something "evil" behind it. The two statements are instead simply meaning that something is not documented and this may (or may not) be a violation of privacy (whatever remains of it on a internet connected machine ). jaclaz
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    In your opinion. Maybe on your system, for some reason, involving other software. I do browse for many days without ever closing or minimizing UXP 52 and it has very little effect on my system's total memory usage. Now, if one keeps some pages that insist on updating continuously even when open in tabs on the background (typically newspapers in my case), then one may get in trouble... but that's bad page programming, not any browser's but IMO.
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    for XP-wise, it's not since primetime support is missing.
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    For error 522, it is because upstream ISP having an emergency maintenance which make my server disconnected from internet. If everything goes well, connection will be restored in evening localtime.
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    Well as I think people using Win7 now do not like anything related to 10, and since on 7 you can avoid especific updates, I don't think many Win7 users will download a Windows remake of Chrome when they can download real Chrome if they want, or Opera, or FireFox (as I prefer). So this is going to be just another fiasco. But this seems to me more like accepting actual Edge is another failure, and they are desperately looking for new ideas for the browser (copying others and not developing anything new).
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    Good. The issues being : 1) there is NO proof that this happens "anonymously" or "anonymously enough" 2) what is actually sent to MS is NOT adequately, let alone fully, documented 3) in the old way you reported a bug and were regularly ignored, what makes you think that the telemetry data is not also blatantly ignored? (the only good thing is that you don't have anymore to talk with some support rrepresentative attempting to put the blame on you - or read on a board pathetic attempts by totally clueless people) 4) and this is the worst part, the final result will be that we will be ONLY ALLOWED to use our computers in ways conforming to what the good MS guys believe that is better for us based - maybe - on how the majority of other people use their computers. (something between the Pareto principle and Wisdom of the crowd ) jaclaz
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    I hate viruses too. In an ideal world, antivirus softwares wouldn't exist and we wouldn't waste resources. Unfortunately, there are thieves on the high street and there are thieves on the web. On the top of that, instead of living in in harmony all together, different countries have different views on different things and they often disagree and these views lead to international conflicts, which is why there are terrorists spread all over the world and intelligence agencies like NSA and MI6 that actually make viruses to spy enemies and to protect their citizens and there are criminals that make viruses to steal credit cards and so on. Will we ever agree and live in harmony in the whole world? Probably not as it's a utopia, but in all this darkness there's a little shining ray, 'cause here in MSFN there are people from different countries and we all respect each other and try to help each other, which makes me think that maybe, just maybe, one day, human beings will refrain from being greedy and will cooperate (but I'll probably be long gone into dust before this happens). (end of off-topic).
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