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    The extra options from the Admin Pack are under Administrative Tools. 🙂
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    I can also confirm that it should work. It would probably work with any pcie revision slot, maybe slower on rev1. But you have rev3
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    It depends on the size of the SSD, usually they are not that big in size. Personally I would procure a USB hard disk, a 500 GB-1 TB (should be as low as 50-60 bucks), and make on it a full image of the disk before resetting the device to factory. Then you can mount the image (read only) and copy back whatever file you actually need when (if) you will need it. This way you don't have the risk to forget (now) to copy this or that file (that will be gone after the reset) and you won't lose the time needed to "hunt" the files. Conversely, a full image would allow you in the future, when you have time and will, etc., to revert the situation to the current one, allowing you to attempt to fix the "old install". About these attempts to repair, having a full image is also handy for this, as you can "risk" more "crazy" (or "radical") attempts/fixes, as you know that you can, any time, go back in time and have the thing again as it was. The SSD MMCRE32GEDXP-MVBL1 is seemingly a MSATA MINI PCI-E device, it shouldn't *need* any particular driver on Windows 7, but it is possible that you accidentally deleted some needed related entries in the Registry. If the issue is the SSD (or controller) driver, you should have a STOP ERROR 0x0000007b "Inaccessible Boot Device when attempting to boot. jaclaz
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    1. Open Chrome and type: chrome://flags/#windows10-custom-titlebar 2. "Custom-drawn Windows 10 Titlebar": choose "Disabled" 3. Restart Chrome and glass is back
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    Hm, never seen this error message. Look here, may be it is the solution: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2328240/event-id-4107-or-event-id-11-is-logged-in-the-application-log-in-windo
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    Another one of those undocumented changes they didn't tell anyone about. They didn't even update the group policy setting Requirements (still says "At least Windows Server 2003" on Windows 10, even though it's ineffective on Windows 8+ systems and their server counterparts). Read this conversation for details. I might add, another one of those changes that involve nothing more than deleting existing code.
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