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    @mufunyo : i'm not caught in anything, i just don't see why this is a big deal (having that watermark). Each to its own, i guess.
  2. 2 points
    Hello! Here is custom build of GIMP 2.9.9 - that works on Vista. It's portable. And it supports 32-bit colors. https://www.gimpuj.info/index.php/topic,67846.0.html
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    I personally don't consider the watermark a big deal, as I don't often stare at the bottom right of my desktop anyway. It just makes no sense for the watermark to be there on debug versions when you've donated. The watermark serves no purpose other than to annoy you, it doesn't display any useful debug info or even which debug build you're using. It's just the digital equivalent of scent marking urine.
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    Yep though that is much easier, it is either the red or the green wire ... (it actually depends on the actual EXACT bomb make/model) jaclaz
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    @Trip NO, it is actually the opposite. Those signs are generally intended for people visiting patients in hospitals and similar, NOT for the employees. These people (the public) visiting their friends and relatives may actually represent a greater risk for spreading contamination than nurses and doctors. Here in Italy in most wards there are those signs near a (small) basin with water and a soap dispenser placed in corridors/access points to the ward. The signs for employees only are the much simpler UNI ISO 7010 I already provided a link for. (though as said I have seen in some places the much more explicit type you initially posted in the personnel restroom). And now, unexpectedly jaclaz
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    Well, our continued critical attitude regarding Windows 10 and our unrelenting defense of the right people has of continuing to use older OSes, including giving actual support for such users (us included, of course), is bound to annoy seriously most MS fanbois... but I doubt it might reach the point of their deflagrating an actual DDoS on MSFN. In case it may be so, well, it an honor to be so distinguished, IMO.
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    thank you mufunyo, not many comments ??? Is there a problem ? I for my part uninstalled aero glass, but I do not despair .. I will try this maneuver and I'll let you know
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