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  1. Unfortunately this does not work. I get the same error as in the screenshot. But keep in mind that I have installed an update that adds TLS 1.1 and 1.2 for Vista. Perhaps it breaks something, and an older version of the secure connection will work (although this is unlikely). Also note that I installed .NET FW 4.8 using the MSI method, which is more simplified than the one recommended here. Perhaps it leads to an error. Although most likely, the fact is that the latest version of the .NET Framework was not tested for Vista and old network stack. This means 2 options: either all applications of the .NET 4.8 do not have access to the network, or the applications of the same author (AniView, DeadPix) are written in such a way that they work incorrectly under Vista. I recommended these applications just because they do not run on a version of the .NET below 4.8 without additional modification. And if the application started, it means the Framework is working (at least the basic functionality - the applications start). And any incompatibilities are expected, due to the fact that none of the Microsoft developers tested such a bunch (Vista + .NET FW 4.8). I would like to find .NET application (targeted at version 4.8) that tries to connect to the network through different types (versions) of encryption. Then it would become clear what limitations the .NET 4.8 has on Vista. Maybe the .NET Framework 4.8 is trying to connect via TLS 1.3? We need more testing...
  2. ScreenToGif 2.19.3 still works on Vista (Officially it needs .NET 4.6.1 and up plus Win7 and up). https://www.screentogif.com It's possible to run portable app as well as install MSI without any issues. Checked with .NET 4.8 installed.
  3. @WinFX, I confirm - it works. Thank you! To check it the useful program is AniView 1.5.3 - it requires .NET 4.8. https://github.com/CodeDead/AniView/releases But I used the MSI installation method - on top of the already installed .NET 4.7.2. Now Vista has a fully functioning .NET stack Advanced PortChecker 1.5 - https://github.com/CodeDead/Advanced-PortChecker/releases DeadPix 1.2 - https://github.com/CodeDead/DeadPix/releases Now they can be launched on Vista.
  4. @Vistapocalypse, yes, I tried version 6.8.5 - it gives an error about dll incompatibility. I downloaded Viber from FileHippo. https://filehippo.com/download_viber_for_windows/history/6/ In the end of page. Unfortunately, we can no longer officially download Viber 6.8.2. UPD. Here is the "almost official" link (to 6.8.1, not 6.8.2 ), through webarchive - http://web.archive.org/web/20170606091256/https://download.cdn.viber.com/desktop/windows/ViberSetup.exe It must work.
  5. Yes, long time since I wrote here - but I check this topic regularly Just usually there is nothing to add) It seems that Viber was not mentioned? Version 6.8.2 still working for me in Vista. 2 years after the release of the application
  6. Calibre 3.48 is the last version of e-book management software, that works on Vista.
  7. No, for the reason that I use the repacked, localized for my language version of the program. And I update it only with significant changes. But all minor application updates are still compatible. There are no viruses there - this is the official website of the browser. I don’t consider Chinese telemetry as a virus - this is an known feature of that software :)
  8. I do not know if my discovery is of practical importance, but VirtualBox 6 beta 2 x86 works on Vista, and this is the latest version (from the 6.x series) for 32-bit hosts. Beta 3 and up requires 64-bit host system. Also, if you update from a stable 5.x branch, then localization remains (very partially), if installed from zero, only English is available. Perhaps this version has some functional advantages. Or maybe not. In any case - it is undesirable to use such complex software in the beta form - there are possible bugs with drivers, networks, and so on. But the fact remains that it can be launched on Vista. UPD. Just replace the folder C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\nls from the release version - and all languages will be available. UPD2. To disable beta warning run in terminal window: VBoxManage setextradata global "GUI/PreventBetaWarning" "6.0.0_BETA2"
  9. @Vistapocalypse, I just now installed Windows6.0-KB4474419-v2-x86.msu successfully, rebooted, and haven't any issues, at least for now. The initial version of the update gives in the result the issues I mentioned. At least - on my computer. So good news :)
  10. JRE 9 and JDK 9 x86 - https://mega.nz/#F!gD41iCjQ!YMoTWKGtiJyym7bWDuj7kQ jre-9.0.4_windows-x86_bin.exe and jdk-9.0.3+9_windows-x86_bin.exe :)
  11. @VistaLover, Thanks for the file!) Already downloaded. I did not know it. In truth, I'm - the user, and appreciate the interface features. Mouse gestures and stuff. But I really thought that all unstable assemblies use a fresh engine, and stable ones always lag behind. It turns out that it is not. I've done it before This is not pirated software... I think there is no reason to ban it. But maybe I need to learn the rules better. I still give links to 32-bit Java.
  12. @VistaLover Excellent - thanks for the clarification! I checked the stable version 1.1 of the one that was on my hard drive without taking the latest build. I'm more interested in version 1.2.470.11.dev . Of course, any old browser has vulnerabilities and incompatibilities - but in a more recent build there are fewer ones - so it is preferable. And it is interesting to test the implemented features that formally should not work on Vista. uBlock Origin should be on GitHub - all versions. If you can not share this version of Vivaldi here - can you send it via e-mail? I wrote you a private message.
  13. Does this mean the immediate termination of the Telegram from this date, like Skype? Or - only the lack of updates - and the program will work until the next incompatible change - half a year, a year?
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