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  1. I recently decided to reinstall Windows and enable dark mode, and AeroGlass doesn't really seem to cater to this use case at all. Right after installing, title bars are translucent white, which looks awful combined with dark mode, as well as mismatched title bar text colours on ribbons (white on white) and everything else (black on white). So I research a bit and apparently you have to turn on "Show the accent colour on title bars and window borders". This turns title bars red (my accent colour). So I dig up AeroGlassGUI as I've been able to tweak colours with that in the past. Eureka! I now have translucent black title bars with white text, that properly match dark mode. There is a weird bug/glitch though where for inactive title bars, specifying true black (RGB 0,0,0) causes the value to be ignored and light grey to be used instead (which looks awful). Using RGB 1,1,1 is an okay workaround, as nobody will be able to tell the difference. This is what it looks like with a dark title bar and red accent border (just the way I like it, although I'd still prefer it if the accent border wasn't affected by the glass opacity setting): But uh-oh, here comes trouble. Whenever I restart or the DWM crashes/restarts, the custom settings are lost and I'm stuck with red title bars: I verify this with regedit; apparently AccentColor in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM is being reset to red, while going into AeroGlassGUI and setting it to black sets the value to 0 (black). I've had problems like this before, with overzealous apps and system components randomly re-setting an already set value, and usually I fix it by locking the access permissions of the offending registry key with a Deny permission for "Set value", which allows everyone to still read the value, but nobody can alter it. Imagine my surprise when I reboot, and am instead greeted by this: Apparently not being able to reset the value causes DWM or AeroGlass or whatever thing is constantly resetting the value to throw its toys out of the pram and completely revert to defaults. Even flicking the "Show the accent colour on title bars and window borders" setting on and off has no effect. So I remove my modified permission on the registry key and kill the DWM, and now title bars are red again. Can this be fixed in a future version, or is there some kind of known workaround for this? The first thing that springs to mind is a constantly running script that resets the correct parameters in the registry every x minutes in a loop, but I'd like to avoid such stupid solutions if possible. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hooray, no more hiding debug windows and nag screens! Thanks, Bigmuscle.
  3. It's right there at the bottom of my post: I just posted the AHK script as well in case somebody doesn't trust my exe, they can make their own.
  4. Nah, then there is no more incentive to force people to voluntarily donate, lmao.
  5. I personally don't consider the watermark a big deal, as I don't often stare at the bottom right of my desktop anyway. It just makes no sense for the watermark to be there on debug versions when you've donated. The watermark serves no purpose other than to annoy you, it doesn't display any useful debug info or even which debug build you're using. It's just the digital equivalent of scent marking urine.
  6. It's not quite normal at all, you're just caught in Bigmuscle's Stockholm Syndrome where outside of not using AeroGlass at all, you don't really have a choice but to use his crippleware riddled with endless debug windows and watermarks, even though you "donated", so after enough time using it you consider it normal. If you open your eyes and look at other similar software like StartIsBack, you will find that what is "normal" is actually to call a spade a spade and instead of this weird "donation" system just calling it a purchase/licence, and disable all nagging as soon as sufficient money has been exchanged. Of course, cue people saying "Nobody is forcing you to use AeroGlass" in 3...2...1...
  7. Unfortunately my old trick to get rid of the desktop watermark doesn't seem to work any more. You could just hexedit the sole instance of the text "Progman" (which is where AeroGlass paints its annoying watermark) in AeroGlass.dll and change it to anything else like arogman - but today there must be some kind of checksum verification or error check so AeroGlass refuses to load at all when you do that. I'm too lazy to figure out a way around it, sorry.
  8. I got fed up with it as well. Here is a workaround: If !WinExist("ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe dwm.exe") WinWait,ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe dwm.exe,,60000 WinClose,Desktop Window Manager ahk_class #32770 WinSet,Disable,,ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe dwm.exe WinHide,ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe dwm.exe Loop { WinSet, Disable,,ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe ApplicationFrameHost.exe WinHide,ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe ApplicationFrameHost.exe WinSet, Disable,,ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe Explorer.EXE WinHide,ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe Explorer.EXE If WinExist("ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe ApplicationFrameHost.exe") and WinExist("ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass ahk_exe Explorer.EXE") Break Else Sleep,1000 } The script needs to run as SYSTEM because otherwise it will not have permission to hide the windows. To do that, install PsTools and make a scheduled task to run it at logon: Download ZIP file
  9. Any clue how to get a 100% opacity accent colour while having a 0% opacity glass? Basically, if I want to see the accent colour, window titles stop being transparent. If I drag down the opacity slider so I get translucent glass, the accented border disappears.
  10. Interestingly, Romex Software Primo Ramdisk seems to have been the reason why AeroGlass wouldn't load symbols and the nag screen appeared. I've been having troubles updating to Build 9860 ("Getting ready" gets stuck at various percentages, different each time, and then the system reverts and shows 0xc1900101-0x2000c as the error code), and in trying to cut down on factors that might be preventing the update, I uninstalled Primo Ramdisk, which I used for my temp folders. Now AeroGlass works as expected. bigmuscle, do you write to %TEMP% at all?
  11. I know, right? It's odd. "Donation key loaded" in the log file, but still a nag screen. Ah well, it's not a big deal, I can hide it -- but this is starting to look like a bug. Well, I've done everything you said, including changing the install path to C:\AeroGlass, and when none of that worked, I even changed the owner of the AeroGlass folder to SYSTEM (as that's the user AeroGlass runs as), and it still wouldn't work. So yeah. It won't download symbols with the donation key present, and when it's presented with symbol files that I downloaded manually, it will work, but keeps nagging. I can't say it's the biggest issue I've encountered since running Windows 10 Tech Preview as my daily workstation OS
  12. I'm not sure how to check that, other than redownloading the key from http://www.glass8.eu/profile.php, which yields the same key. Machine ID: 6R4VZNLCU7ZIILHAYSCMLWAVQFXLPOXVBQL5GT4ILLBT6DVY Donation key: d5031d8af8149965c8286d0bda90db060ac8b164fc4dbe46d5ed1dae4bbe99e597b9049728aae96f8e1a4da5ecaf8198 And of course, Shell_SecondaryTrayWnd for secondary monitor taskbars.
  13. Well this is certainly interesting... First off I decided to use the newfangled Win8.1 installer since I was too lazy to do a manual install. I figured I could install, then replace the files, and after a reboot it would start working. Instead it immediately ran after install, didn't work because this is Win10 and not Win8.1, and kept flashing my screen and popping up error messages (even logging me out at one point). Oy vey. Amidst the chaos I managed to rename the AeroGlass folder to "sdfhjkds" which stopped the madness. After a reboot, I could replace the files with the Win10 test build, and after rebooting again AeroGlass wasn't quite as frantic but it still complained that it couldn't download symbols. I decided to just download the symbols myself, and placed them in the AeroGlass\symbols folder, after which I could see glass and everything seemed to work. Oh hey, a nag screen! Let me just copy the machine ID and generate a key. Only after placing the key file in the AeroGlass folder, it keeps nagging. Bummer. Of course the AeroGlass folder is owned by "Administrators" and has "Everyone: Full Control" (in fact my entire Program Files and ProgramData has these permissions), so there shouldn't be any access issue. Log of a session when AeroGlass couldn't download symbols: http://pastebin.com/KjaRRfF6 Log of a session when AeroGlass works properly, but keeps nagging about a licence key: http://pastebin.com/3NLGerB1

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