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    New build of post-deprecated basilisk/moebius for XP! * Notice: This repo will not be built on regular schedule, and changes are experimental as usual. ** Current moebius patch level should be on par with 52.8, but some security patches can not be applied/ported due to source milestone differences between versions. Test binary: Win32 http://o.rthost.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win32-git-20180623-0249f5832-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rthost.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win64-git-20180623-0249f5832-xpmod.7z Repo changes: - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1346392, bug1353543, bug1352556, bug1334443, bug1354810, bug1273265, bug1028195, bug1347835, bug1241066, bug1342552, bug1353765, bug1337810, bug1345355, bug1351340 (8ee6c9f6b) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1335780, bug1334356, bug1334268, bug1327691, bug1336213, bug1327675, bug1335904, bug1335958, bug1335075, bug1334082, bug1328658, bug1056322 (9c67dd6ab) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1355414, bug1313977, bug1357366, bug1362889, bug1152353, bug1345893, bug1343172, bug1352348, bug1356843, bug1354308, bug1355340, bug1360574, bug1358776, bug1304566, bug1334097, bug1338574 (58895ea9e) - Add WebSocket protocol identifiers to PERMITTED_SCHEMES (92c03994b) - Request NSS to use DBM as the storage file format (92f8553a8) - security: update HPKP and HSTS to UXP's latest version (cd69bb7ec) - Correctly updating HPKP and HSTS preload list from mozilla since format is incompatible. (1cef0b2de) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1359051, bug1343256, bug1356179, bug1334097, bug1355520, bug1359142, bug1358469, bug1345910, bug1331335, bug1367267, bug1366140, bug1359837, bug1348791, bug1339826 (0f5a8dc5e) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1357022, bug1364513, bug1366203, bug1344034, bug1375708, bug1322896, bug1370869, bug1354796, bug1364189, bug1342417, bug1369386, bug1353312, bug1364870, bug1365333, bug1372063, bug1373970, bug1374148, bug1338646, bug1359477, bug1375198, bug1355168, bug1308820, bug1305036, bug1371259 (1786a387c) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1378147, bug1364984, bug1334338, bug1379538, bug1356812, bug1379444, bug1372467, bug1372383, bug1383002, bug1308908, bug1347667, bug1367128, bug1377016, bug1359058, bug1379537 (96244ab71) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1346389, bug1382303, bug1383000, bug1339931, bug1346620, bug1351349, bug546387, bug1368150, bug1361132, bug1345781, bug1343781, bug1390980, bug1387918, bug1373222, bug1385272, bug1390002, bug1379539, bug1371657, bug1386905, bug1379540, bug1379536, bug1384308, bug1317900, bug1279171, bug1384801, bug1396320, bug1396570, bug1368269, bug1394024, bug1400721, bug1367482, bug1359624, bug1376163, bug1392988, bug1389908 (3a4eb9ff7) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1375146, bug1357593, bug1261175, bug1401804, bug1404910, bug1412252 (0bde1e4dc) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: (3721b6288) - remove leftover in LoginManagerParent.jsm, and cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1350564, bug1404787, bug1411957, bug1047098, bug1404105, bug1415133, bug1355576, bug1382366, bug1414425, bug1409951, bug1415441, bug1418922, bug1382358, bug1414945, bug1423159, bug1411745, bug1411708, bug1412420 (c44092997) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1412420, bug1395508, bug1394654, bug1261963, bug1408631, bug1426783, bug1425612, bug1375217, bug1261175 (664f2cc14) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: Bug 1459285 - Update tzdata in ICU data files to 2018e. r=Waldo, a=jcristau (a78a2dfef) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1416307, bug1434384, bug1442504, bug1426603, bug1440717, bug1443891, bug1361699, bug1433609, bug1444231, bug1409440, bug1441941, bug1443092, bug1448774, bug1448705, bug1449548, bug1388020, bug1451376, bug1393367, bug1453339, bug1452202 (2e9274f66) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1437842, bug1452619, bug1453127, bug1447080, bug1426129, bug1454692, bug1458270, bug1452576, bug1459206, bug1459162, bug1451297, bug1462682, bug1450688, bug1456975, bug1442722, bug1465108, bug1459693 (442fafaad) - cherry-picked mozilla upstream changes: bug1464829, bug1452375, bug1458264, bug1464784, bug1392739, bug1453127, bug1456189, bug1462912 (03a3648e7) - NSS: commit leftover changes (0249f5832)
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    then you may try my palemoon26, which is Firefox24 based with TLS 1.2.
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    ... not "may" ; Pale Moon 28 (currently at version 28.0.0a4) is built on the UXP platform, which by design does not support NT < 6.1 (i.e. minimum OS version required is Win7); as such, official Pale Moon 28 builds don't/won't run on Vista; the official Pale Moon unstable channel has switched, for some weeks now, to v28, incompatible with Vista... For historical purposes, the last Pale Moon unstable build to run on Vista was PaleMoon_unstable-27.9.1a1-git-20180503-g57f668c.en-US.win32, buildID=20180503064227 (I have kept a zipped copy...) If you are an unstable-channel user on VIsta, you are cautioned not to update any further (the update server doesn't check your current OS, so you'll end up with a non-running 28.0.0a4 update), but you are advised to switch to the stable channel, currently at v27.9.3; this will continue to receive mostly security (plus selected performance) updates for some more weeks, though a definite EOL date hasn't been yet announced... Vista users can try the New Moon (fork/rebrand) 28.0.0a4 builds by roytam1, to be found in the eponymous Windows XP forum thread...
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    As far as i know, not. Using bridges do not add any extra risk to using TOR in general. A bridge may be compromised, but same is true about any TOR node. And control of just your entry node or bridge do not give the attacker any info except that you exactly use TOR, when, and how much.
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    In fact, the "TOR browser" is a specially configured Firefox with some privacy protection mods preinstalled and preconfigured proxy settings. The essential part of the TOR is the proxy service that starts before the browser to establish connection to the TOR network. So, if there is a trouble to connect TOR, the TOR browser won't start. The TOR proxy service can be configured to work without the TOR browser, and you can configure your preferred browser to use with it. But this isn't recommended because any of the popular browsers reveal your identity unless carefully modded and configured (which is already done to the TOR version of Firefox).
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    You are almost right, but In fact, your ISP may block TOR connections even without being under direct pressure from "authorities". You need also understand the difference between TOR "entry nodes" and "exit nodes". "Entry node" allows you to connect the TOR network. Your ISP can block "entry nodes" by their IPs because all of them are public. If you can't connect one of "entry nodes", you can't use TOR without help of a "bridge", which is (in a simplified view) a nonpublic "entry node" which IP is unknown to your ISP. If you can connect to the TOR, you can access any of the .onion websites. There is no censorship inside TOR. But, if you use TOR to connect a "conventional" website (to be anonymous or to pass a government's firewall like Great China Firewall or russian Roscomnadzor), you need also help from a TOR "exit node". "Exit node" allows your connection to pass from TOR to "conventional Internet" again. And the connection may be rejected by the target website just because it is coming from the TOR. All the "exit nodes" IPs are public, and there is no "exit bridges" or another tech in the TOR that can pass such a target website "censorship".
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    It is hard to say something for sure without reproducing and thoroughly investigating your network configuration in the "bad" state, but i think the trouble was somehow linked to DHCP services and IP address leasing. Try to power off/on the Archer while all the cables remain connected. If the trouble won't reappear, i think, there is nothing to worry about. Then i suggest you (again) to not use "modem only" mode with your PC connected directly to Super Hub. And also to check your PC with some of antivirus/anti-malware scanners to be sure that the probable hackers' attack against the PC while it was exposed to the Internet remain unsuccessful.
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    Thanks! I also like the blue color instead of the red ones, and from time to time the color-scheme gets mishmash after MS interference
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    Yes, I do. I know it's an odd color for the close button, but, I like the change from red (easy PhotoShop job). Here ya go:
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    Yes, this is valid workaround also. Was your PS network cable connected to Archer or to Super Hub at the time? Either is probable. I found Super Hub 2 user's manual, but there is no "modem only" mode description in it. Web search give me some clues, that the "modem only" mode disables not just WiFi function, but routing functions also, leaving only one Ethernet port on the Super Hub to down-link connection. Is this information correct? If so, i am sure that "modem only" mode means "bridge mode" in which any device down-linked to Super Hub is reachable directly from the Internet. Placing the Archer (in "router" mode) in-between the bridge (Super Hub) and your PC, you again isolate the PC from unwanted network activity coming from the Internet. I strongly suggest you to not use "modem only" mode with your PC directly connected to Super Hub, because in this configuration everyone in the Internet can discover your PC and try to hack it. Of course, Windows 7 (if properly updated and configured) have its own defensive layer against unwanted connections. But it isn't even close to most hardware routers security.
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    The most secure windows ever.... with Microsoft watching our every move...in what way is it secure....lol
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