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  1. Based on my experience, only three of the listed updates really cause long search: KB4052978 Cumulative security update (2017-12) KB4011265 Security update for Word (2017-11) - it is replaced by KB4011607 for now KB4011605 Security update for Excel (2018-01) KB3213641, KB3213644, and KB4011201 are "harmless" and may be found normally. I never test the KB4018271 for pure XP SP3 (without POSReady hack), but i think it should be "harmless" too.
  2. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    NTFS is a bad choice for the media with low write cycles like USB flash sticks or SD cards, because journaling means extra writes. ExFat is better for them.
  3. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    I am sure that only a few of WES 2009 and POSReady 2009 installations have any version of MS Office installed. But IE is a standard system component that even can't be easily removed. I am wonder, why big quantity WES/POSReady system owners don't complain about a bug that regularly ate one CPU core for hours? It should be noticeable at least in power consumption if not in responsiveness of the system.
  4. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    Seems as if your system miss one or more of "troublesome updates". I suggest you to switch WU/MU to "off" via the Control Panel, reboot, then use MBSA to check for missed updates. KB4056615 and KB4056941 aren't "troublesome".
  5. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    KB4011607 replace 33 of previous updates. KB4011201 replace only 20 of previous updates. KB4011605 replace exactly 29 of previous updates. Its predecessor was KB4011205, that was released in November 2017 and replace 28 of previous updates. Did it cause a delay in updating at the time?
  6. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    I have a theory about this: any update that replace 29 or more previous updates cause a serious delay in WU/MU update routine. For now, any new IE8 cumulative update and some of office updates are subject to the bug. I call them "troublesome updates". I am unsure if a "troublesome update" search on WU/MU website via Internet Explorer may be really finished. One time i wait more than a day w/o positive result. The search via automatic update service (known as "yellow shield in system tray") is more effective, but also very long. For a single "troublesome update" it may take from 1.5 hour to more than a day, depending of PC parameters. In any case the search consume one CPU core for all that time. It depends of MS software and patches you have installed. Your system may require more "troublesome updates" than just KB4052978.
  7. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    There is some reports on a russian forum, that KB4056615 cause multiple software failures on certain PC configurations: with old one-core CPUs. Multi-thread and multi-core CPUs aren't subject to the problem. Deinstallation of KB4056615 solve the problem in all the cases.
  8. Drive Converion Question

    If it have DVD drive and you don't need it, you may replace it with a HDD/SSD drive. Search for "HDD caddy" for additional info.
  9. Drive Converion Question

    There may be booting issues if converting a bootable MBR drive to GPT. Check if your motherboard and OS support EFI boot. Converting data storage drive is much safer. The full backup is highly recommended in any case.
  10. Running Windows 98 in 2017...

    I can see two reasons to use Win'98 today: retro-gaming and utilize very special hardware that has 9x-specific driver only. There is no need in web browsing in both cases. For all other tasks that i can imagine, it is better to use another OS (DOS, a sort of Windows NT or *NIX).
  11. Win7 for single core ?

    Long time ago i installed Windows'95 on a 40 MB HDD using Stacker disk compression utility. There was even some space left for user applications. When i see a new OS running on a new hardware that is at least 100 times faster, i wish to ask a single question: "What it does all the other time after perform the same tasks?"
  12. As far as i understood your MB specification, it use strict settings "AGP video" or "PCI video" during boot (not "AGP first" or "PCI first" as some other MoBos do). And the default setting is "AGP". So, you may be right. I hope that your build will start normally with an AGP video card installed. You may also try to test your PCI video card in a modern build (supporting PCI) as a second video card. To be sure that it isn't the cause.
  13. "1 long 2 short" beeps mean "video card failure". Some video cards report failure if a display isn't found. So, it may mean display or cable failure also.
  14. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    There is a riddle: "What weighs half a ton and runs Windows XP?"
  15. Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    On my system with PosReady hack it autoupdates on daily basis.