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vLite 1.0 beta - OMG


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Well, well, well...what do we have here.

Changes and download.

Known bugs:

Firefox prompts to Set as Default Browser on every startup if you remove Internet Explorer Core (HTML Engine).

Which reg entries are missing?

edit: NONE :) You just have to install Firefox at least once (or update it) so that it is in the registry, this is Vista feature.

Longhorn Server Add Features fails if removed...

Which components?

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this baby doesnt support windows home server yet. it probably supports Longhorn server. I understand they are two different products :(

"Can not find the expected files. Make sure you select the folder or the drive which contains the vista installation files."

will test the rest of it and get back! :)

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the counter is still showing how much space will be saved as per the final install and there is no option to see how much space is saved per component on the CD.

i think this option should be on by default, i.e. size per component ISO wise not HD wise. :)

testing more

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earlier the split window would usually show the ISO size and how many Cds it would require now one has to press start before that info comes up

and there the Protect your PC thing, it would be better named to Windows updates or something. At first glance it's not clear what that means until one uses the pop down menu to see the options

the finish and exit button are still doing the same function at the end of ISO creation. Finish should take you back to front page of the program and Exit should exit it.

i like the new color scheme and animation!! with more options added looks better. good job there.

testing more..

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great i like the unattend thing! and installation has been fine

so ill sum it up.


1. Space saving counter as per ISO not added.

2. Function of Finish/Exit buttons not corrected.

3. Windows Home Server support missing

4. Split window information about ISO size needs to be brought back.

5. Protect your PC would look better as Windows Updates.


1. Unattend is a big plus!

2. Animations and look of the program is improved

3. Option to backup preset on the ISO.

Well overall much can be done. For me personally its not addressed any issue i had in previous versions.

Hopefully Nuhi will take care of all these minor issues in the Final :)

Go Nuhi!! :)

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pallavsuri, thank you for the report.


Windows Home Server is not Vista family thus unsupported by vLite. People told you this so many times but you simply ignore it.

Check it here: http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/whs_preview.asp

Compressed ISO size can't be predicted, it shows how much will be saved on HDD after install.

Protect your PC is more than just Automatic Updates.

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thanks nuhi for the reply

ive already acknowledged WHS is not vista family in the above post. :)

Ok thats terrible if it cant be predicted. no problem will drop that from wish list.

great keep up the good work :)

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This is the first time vlite has made my Vista install fail midway ever right from the earliest Vlite version

I used the answer file nuhi here is my experience

Started the install from within Windows XP -->

1st window was "Select the OS you want to install". Odd.-->

Second window was "Select the drive/parition"-->

After 15 minutes of the setup completing install the error came "Windows could not parse or process the answer file. The error was deteced while processing settings for component [Microsoft-windows-shell-setup]"-->

after this the comp restarted unexpectedly and the installation failed i was booted back in windows XP

version 1.0 beta quality wise is not at par with previous beta releases. I'll just wait for the final :)

Won't be testing more for the current version. BTW if possible can we skip the 1st window mentioned above and have the option to specify the Drive/Partition in answer file? That would be great! :)

Edited by pallavsuri
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