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  1. toxin

    vLite 1.0 beta - OMG

    nuhi your r the man ! will test it later
  2. bertans i have a notebook to and i am waiting for v.1 i think it should be out soon. this is by far an amizing software !!
  3. nuhi you are a ray of light ! thx !!
  4. i have the same problem but with hebrew mui. i left the WD in the vilte ver. i did but can't install the mui. any ideas?
  5. toxin

    call me crazy...

    but i just installed a windows vista ultimate ( after vilte it to 800 mega) on a 1.2 giga cpu+512 ddr+onboard graphic card and till now it runs o.k (but aero is off by defualt). nuhi you rock !
  6. toxin

    Lite Windows

    andregcasal i have a good name for this project: micro xp
  7. nuhi can you give a hint about when the next version will be relesed?
  8. hi everyone ! this is my first reply on this forum and i wanted to say that nlite is great app and that nuhi is doing a great job ! can't wait for the final vlite... the thing is that i am trying to use vlite with built 6000 and for some reason whan i finish removing only the games for example (103mb) the file shows that i actually removed 400 mb or more ! strange.. anybody bumped into this error?
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