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[UPDATE] Energize 1.1 & Sources


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To everybody !

The final version is not yet planned.

I want to mke some major improvements on some grapghics, I am not able to announce a release date.

The name will probably change due some new ideas ...

See U

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@anoymous_person: For making it compatible the resources i created were changed by zedox.

Look into your C:\Windows\System32 Folder. XPize Darkside patches this three files applying bootscreen:




Which file(s) do you have?

I will attach a Bitmap of the screen during today. Please stand by i'm running Vista Ultimate yet...

Edit: Attachement of resource so you can see how vistaesque the screen is - just black with smooth small scrolling bar.


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I just installed Aurora Pack to give it a look. I liked what I saw except for the boot screen.

And isnt it ironic that Darkside has the more Vista-like boot screen?

EDIT 1: I have two questions:

1. When selecting the components to install, there are several items that begin with bt. What do they modify?

2. I used HFSLIP to replace calc, notepad and taskmgr; Aurora Pack wont modify them correct?

EDIT 2: Under System Properties > Computer Name, it looks like you overlooked the computer icon ;)

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Hi peryonnx

Wow this is great stuff! A lot better than Vista Transformation Pack and a bit better than VistaMizer.

I would like to report some bugs:

- Installer: In the list of files to patch, the Bleutooth files are not in a subfolder.

- Installer: the installer seems not to check available diskspace. Installing needs about 400MB and when you don't have it it gives en error at a certain file, when you run out of free space, and stops. But I had no problems uninstalling it completely afterwards.

- The batmeter bitmaps have to many colors, Windows xp can only handle 16 colors for the batmeter, so they are reduced and don't look that good anymore.

- The timezone bitmap misses some seas and lakes, in other words, there is too much land.

- In system properties, the icons in tabs computername and external connection, are still xp (sorry I don't know the exact english words for it, 'computernaam' and 'verbinding van buitenaf' in dutch)

- The toolbars in system management (services, defragmenter, computer management,...), the whole mmc.exe in fact I think. Also the system properties from local computer managment, still has a Windows 2000 icon.

- The calculator gives an error for moved user32.dll or something, this has something to do with an Windows update but I cant uninstall the update anymore.

- The 7-zip file icons have not changed at all.

- In the control panel, the icon for Sources (ODBC) is not patched, in the subfolder, the icon is patched.

- In the system management subfolder of the control panel, the icon for Logbooks (?) ('Logboeken' in dutch)

- The title bar icon of Windows Media Player has not changed. The icon in the taskbar button and schortcuts are turned into vista-style but now they don't match the titlebar icon.

- The icon for disk-quotum in the properties of an HDD.

- The icon for Windows Movie Maker.

- The icon for color management in the properties for a graphics card.

The quality of the recources is amazing, it looks very nice overall.

I hope this helps and thanks a lot!

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