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  1. I can't uninstall KB925902 because I removed the uninstall files (my hard disk is way too small) For the Bricopacks they found a solution. You don't have to uninstall this windows update first. But Aurora Pack is better than Vista Inspirat bricopack. The bricopack do have the vista delete/copy/move animations included.
  2. Hi peryonnx Wow this is great stuff! A lot better than Vista Transformation Pack and a bit better than VistaMizer. I would like to report some bugs: - Installer: In the list of files to patch, the Bleutooth files are not in a subfolder. - Installer: the installer seems not to check available diskspace. Installing needs about 400MB and when you don't have it it gives en error at a certain file, when you run out of free space, and stops. But I had no problems uninstalling it completely afterwards. - The batmeter bitmaps have to many colors, Windows xp can only handle 16 colors for the batmeter, so they are reduced and don't look that good anymore. - The timezone bitmap misses some seas and lakes, in other words, there is too much land. - In system properties, the icons in tabs computername and external connection, are still xp (sorry I don't know the exact english words for it, 'computernaam' and 'verbinding van buitenaf' in dutch) - The toolbars in system management (services, defragmenter, computer management,...), the whole mmc.exe in fact I think. Also the system properties from local computer managment, still has a Windows 2000 icon. - The calculator gives an error for moved user32.dll or something, this has something to do with an Windows update but I cant uninstall the update anymore. - The 7-zip file icons have not changed at all. - In the control panel, the icon for Sources (ODBC) is not patched, in the subfolder, the icon is patched. - In the system management subfolder of the control panel, the icon for Logbooks (?) ('Logboeken' in dutch) - The title bar icon of Windows Media Player has not changed. The icon in the taskbar button and schortcuts are turned into vista-style but now they don't match the titlebar icon. - The icon for disk-quotum in the properties of an HDD. - The icon for Windows Movie Maker. - The icon for color management in the properties for a graphics card. The quality of the recources is amazing, it looks very nice overall. I hope this helps and thanks a lot!
  3. The installer displays the message: 'Windows Media Player 11.0 seems to be missing. Installer will now quit.' I do have WMP 11, version 11.0.5721.5145. I installed all the update so it should be the latest version.
  4. flupke

    Just an idea

    Nice idea but I would prefer horizontally-oriented folders in Vista style.
  5. Hi I don't have Windows Vista yet but on my next laptop I will. Does someone kwow wether it is possible to configure in the power options that it has the aero glass interface in AC-mode and the aero or basic interface in battery-mode? I read in articles that the aero glass interface drains the battery faster so this would be an interesting setting. Another question: does the Home Premium edition have all the power-configuration options or is it usefull to pay more for the Ultimate edition?
  6. flupke

    UPnP Icon

    I found something else as well. There are different icons for the same thing. The way to get the info is different though. Left: right click on system, properties Right: in computer management, right click, properties A bit difficult to explain but the screenshots tells more. Also weird that the wrong OS is shown in comp. management, but that has off course nothing to do with XPize.
  7. flupke

    UPnP Icon

    Hi The icons for UPnP network devices still look a bit old, both in tray and in properties. Hopefully it supports more than 16 colors. I can't wait for the next release of XPize.
  8. Only DirectX 9 cards are listed. That's why you have to add those registry keys. We run Media Center fine on a 7y old nVidia Riva TNT 16MB. That you get a black screen is not because of these registry keys but because of drivers. I don't really know haw to solve it but try the most recent drivers for XP but not the ones for XP Media Center Edition.
  9. Hi Media Player Classic is just 1 file, so there is not really a default installation path. But you can say something like: if you want MPC to be patched place it in ... Really amazing that there are still things improved in this version. It seemed already finished for some time. Although I found some tiny imperfections: - The batmeter icons have more colors than it can handle. I think it's better to make a 16 color version first instead of letting Windows reduce it to 16 colors. It looks the same, but for filesize it might be better. But the icons are very nice, I like them and I also made the 300.bmp based on it. - The titel in the installer has a little edge in the Z. - Version number of TaskSwitchXP Pro.
  10. Thank you guys for your response. I will try to get this stuff, the owner didn't respond yet though. I don't really have the choise between Katmai and Coppermine, this information is most of the time not known. Maybe the SR440BX only supports the slowest.
  11. Hi We have a 7 year old pc here, with an Intel SR440BX motherboard. It came with 64MB 100MHz RAM, now it has 128MB 133MHz + 256MB 133MHz RAM, offcourse working at 100MHz because the board only supports 66 & 100 MHz. The cpu is an Pentium II 400MHz. Now I found a second hand Pentium III 550MHz for only a couple of €'s. The maximum the board can handle is a Pentium III 600MHz. Will there be a noticable gain in performance? It's only 150MHz difference but maybe the PIII has some more features. We don't need to buy a new pc or spend a lot of money on it because it's doing fine what we want it to do: scanning, printing, office, windows xp, internet. If we can boost performance with only a few €'s it would be nice. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the link. I already tried some of them in the past. It is difficult to say wether it supports the Riva TNT or not because in the supported hardware section they most of the time say that all cards are supported, even if the older cards aren't. On nVidia's ftp you can also find most of these drivers, sometimes with a document with some information. I downloaded some versions and opened the archives, there is an inf file wich shows what card's really are supported by this driver. It's a lot of work that way. And versions 4x.xx, 5x.xx are not really better than the Windows drivers. Also there is not really a problem because there is no need to play video's on that pc. If there is a driver that delivers noticable more performance than the Windows XP build-in drivers it would be nice to know.
  13. Hi I just installed Windows XP MCE 2005 with all updates on an old pc with an Intel motherboard, Pentium II 400 MHz cpu, 384MB ram, nVidia Riva TNT 16MB graphics. We bought it with 64MB ram and Windows 98, the rest hasn't changed. Far from DirectX 9 support. And guess what, the Media Center application runs pretty smooth, with animated background and menu and button animations. It's not very fast but fast enough and the application launches quickly (without it preloading while booting). It plays music and shows pictures, but I haven't tried video's and the pc has no DVD reader. There might be some files missing to watch video's but maybe that's because of the graphics drivers. This brings a question to my mind: what are the best drivers for the nVidia Riva TNT 16MB? The best I found so far is the one included in Windows XP. Recent forceware divers don't support this card. Thanks
  14. AFAIK connecting to a domain is the only thing Media Center Edition can't that Professional can. For the rest it has off-cource the Media Center, parts of the Plus! expansion pack and some powertoys.
  15. Looks like money is really not an issue! My suggestions: graphics: ATI X1900XTX 512MB (unfortunally I don't have exprience with this but this is just one of the best cards) scanner: Canon LiDE (these are really good, thin and no power supply needed!) os: Windows XP Media Center Edition (to get the most out of your system) cpu: AMD Opteron Dual Core (if you buy it soon; if you wait a little Intel might come with something) monitor: make sure it's not a 1280*1024 but a high resolution widescreen sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum (for most people the build-in will do) For the rest I wouldn't know.

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