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Vista unattended Guide

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Hi, Thanks for your great work :D

But I cant Access the Guide Please Help


You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Uhm u tried download it ?........

You have the link a few posts up.

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Hello @ all!

Following the idea of sharing, here is my unattended Vista Guide. It's a mixture between docs of WAIK and own experiences praticing with Vista unattended setups.

I've started writing German Vista guidlines a while ago and got a lot request meanwhile to translate parts of it to English. The guide is still under progress but a lot of stuff is available now:

NEW: Sitemap / TOC

1. Introduction

2. Installing Tools

3. Prepare Lab System

4. VU Batch Modules

5. Building a Basic Answer File using WSIM

6. Partitioning and Partitioning XML snippets

7. Creating Vista ISO

8. Injecting drivers into install.wim

9. Installing drivers directly from media

10. Integrating Updates into install.wim

11. Installing Applications from media

12. Importing Regtweaks

13. Copying over user profile to Default User (makes sense for User Regtweaks)

I'm not a to well html programer, so I know that there are still some issues with layout on different browsers, but it's working mainly.

If you've any problems with the guide please post in this thread!

Please DO NOT ask for settings, which are not described in the guide in this thread.

This thread supposed to be for error reporting and feedback only!


1. I've tested the guide on 32 bit OS only, updates for 64 bit will come any time later.

2. I've tested all the described procedures carefully. However it could happen, that something will not run on your system like described.

3. This is NOT a one click and go guide! It's for people how like to know, how to setup without any third party tools.

4. Parts of the guides, which are not available in English yet are not necessary to follow the rest of the instructions!

Everything is translated now!



i get this when i click on the links in this guide. here is the message Forbidden

You don't have permission to access /en/drivers_from_stick_or_dvd.html on this server.

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Hi guys :hello:

OK! I have been playing around with adding my sp1 and sp2 to Vista and have created the versions I want with these service packs integrated and working...

I would like to integrate all the available updates to my new creations with sp1 and sp2 added and wondered what waik I should use?

Several versions are out now and I just would like to be certain before trying to integrate all updates etc...

bookie32 :w00t:

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Hi again!

I ran PrepLab.cmd and everything seemed to go OK, but when looking at building folder structure I can't see the environment variables that should be showing when looking at file structure in VistaWork...


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Hi again!

Well, I have slipstreamed a hell of a lot of updates into Vista, so I tested it. As soon as it was installed there were 26 more updates....help :blink: These included Internet Explorer 8. Does anyone know how to slipstream this into Vista?


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Hi Tripredacus!

Yes, I have been looking and there is a lot of info out there. I have already slipstreamed my dvd's for Vista and realised that I can add IE at the same time. To be quite honest - I really enjoy working with the unattended guide....one learns stuff, but I am in the position to just set up a hard drive and divide it up into several partitions and just install Vista...hit ctrl+shift+F3 on getting to the stage where one adds user info and just login to windows add all the upates there are at the moment and run sysprep..

It isn't the most professional way of doing things...just that I can do other things why updates are being installed....I then can boot back to main version and create my iso....

I do appreciate you coming by!


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