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  1. Thanks again Max. I am going to try the commands manually in a moment. Apologies for being tedious. Have a good one. Kevin
  2. Hey Max, thanks a bunch for the reply. I should be able to use that command. Will that also keep the system from entering standby? Also, is it possible to create a custom power scheme where everything is set to never turn off or idle and import that, or is that what High Performance will do? Thanks again, have a good day. Kevin
  3. Howdy, has anyone figured out how to set this via unattended. I have tried WAIK and just tried adding a key in my HKLM.reg file and neither worked. If the answer is a script with powercfg.exe how do you run that? I am trying to set the monitor to turn off after ten minutes and leave everything else on all the time. Thank you for any help on the matter. Have a good one. Kevin
  4. Howdy, just wanted to let you know I got this working. The problem was the virtual machine. I installed Windows 7 on another computer I wasn't using at the time and ran the whole process again creating the unattended and using the original oscdimg.exe command to create the final image and everything worked fine. As a short summary, I start with an untouched TechNet ISO, extract to hard drive, create AutoUnattend.xml and copy to root, add any tweak files and finally create the ISO with oscdimg.exe. I didn't use imagex to manipulate the original image in any way. I will be integrating updates and drivers using Mr. Jinje's DISM Tool later and changing the AutoUnattend.xml to amd64. If anyone runs into this issue in the future and has any questions feel free to message me. Thank you for the help. Kevin
  5. Hey, that batch file is using imagex. I've already removed all but Ultimate making it the only image. As for the boot.wim image why does modifying that have an affect? The thing that is driving me nuts is that it seems to work when I don't use the xml file, but the xml file seems to be clean.
  6. How did you removed unwanted Images? I used imagex
  7. Hey man, I understand about the metadata not matching up if images are removed and the need for only one entrance of metadata information. I had already used imagex to delete the other images before I read your post, I'm guessing you meant DISM. I am trying an image now with only Ultimate and the .xml with only one metadata entry. I will edit this post as soon as I have a result. Thank you once again. Edit: Removing the images didn't work, going to use your oscdimg.exe command line now. Kevin Edit: Once again it didn't work. I simply don't get this. I have tried numerous things and am pretty much at my wits end now. I've made unattended installs before with Win 7 with other images and it worked fine.
  8. You can check your file with WSIM to see if errors. Have you delete unwanted Images inside Windows 7 Ultimate? Hey man thanks for the reply again. I've tried with various MetaData settings and none at all with the same result. I haven't deleted the unwanted images inside the image as I wanted to leave it untouched. Does that matter when using AutoUnattend.xml? I believe I can use gimagex to delete the extra images if needed. Since it is a multi-image .wim would this make a difference in how I rebuilt the .iso with oscdimg.exe? I looked at the command line options on TechNet, but nothing seemed to be different. Also, there were no errors when validating the .xml. I'm going to try a completely different .xml right quick that I downloaded from here, its from maxxpsoft so I know its good. I'll let you know if it works. Thank you once again for your time. Kevin
  9. Just tried and it is still doing the same thing. This is driving me nuts. Should I try to rebuild the xml again? Kevin
  10. Hey Tripredacus, at first I allotted 1gig then 1280megs. Same result with both. Thanks for catching those errors myselfidem, I am taking them out in a couple minutes and will try the install once more. I sure hope that's all it is, if so I owe you big. I'll let you know soon. Thanks again fellas. Kevin
  11. Hi, I am having an issue which stops my Windows 7 unattended installation during expanding files. At about 13% a box pops up with the following: 'Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570'. Here is the scenario; I am installing to a virtual machine using AutoUnattend.xml, the source image is an untouched x86 Ultimate Technet DVD. I have tried Virtual PC and VirtualBox. When using the source image as is, installation completes without issue; I even downloaded it again just in case. The AutoUnattend.xml has been reauthored and validated without errors, I will post it below. I have been using oscdimg.exe to create the .iso and I have been removing any stale or invalid images beforehand. I have searched google and forums, but come up with mostly answers about RAM; my RAM does check out ok. I have tried many different minor tweaks in AutoUnattend.xml without luck. Also, I am posting the oscdimg.exe syntax I have been using to make sure I am not messing something up in there. oscdimg.exe –bD:\x86\boot\etfsboot.com –u2 –h -m -lWIN_EN_DVD D:\x86\ D:\x86wim\win7.iso Apologies for the long post, I wanted to make sure I got everything in at once. Any help is greatly appreciated. Kevin AutoUnattend.xml
  12. new user default settings

    Hey vasechka, what I do to set options for each user created is by using SETUPCOMPLETE.CMD. I put all registry tweaks that go to [HKEY_USERS\DefaultUser\ in a single file and let it run as such. I know some of the things you want to do are available through this method. Here is a link that may help you slightly with power settings, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935799. If you would like any of the reg tweaks I use or anything feel free to let me know. Have a good one. Kevin
  13. Recycle Bin for Windows 7

    Hey John, I just decided not to worry about the size of the Recycle Bin for now. If it becomes that important I will do it manually. Do you happen to know why I would have that 08 after the 37 in the registry key opposed to you having a8? I changed mine to a8 and didn't notice a difference in any windows or Recycle Bin properties. Also, another tweak I was looking for earlier was to display small icons on the desktop. I couldn't find it, however, the only icon I ever have on the desktop is the Recycle Bin so I just decided to disable desktop icons. If you do know a tweak for small desktop icons please share so I could possibly use it in the future. Thanks again, have a good one. Kevin
  14. Hey bbmak, one option that you may prefer is using Mr. Jinje's DISM Tool. I'll post the link below. Have a good day. Mr. Jinje's DISM Tool Thread Kevin
  15. Recycle Bin for Windows 7

    I deal with the GUID problem by using an AutoIt script to read the following key then use it to store my value. I do not modify the NukeOnDelete, but set my maximum recycle size. This GUID process works for me, but, of course, there are no guarantees from this end. Hope this information is useful. Enjoy, John. Hey John, thanks a ton that tweak seems to work. For some reason in my entry there is one minor variation, the entry you posted has a8 right after the 33 or 37, mine was 08. I changed it on mine to a8 and didn't notice any difference. As far as the size of the recycle bin, I may look into using a script like you said, I've never an AutoIT script myself. Thanks again for showing me where this was, much appreciated. Have a good day. Kevin