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[Release] XPize 4.6


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XPize 4.6

Finished, except for the new XPize Settings. I will release a 4.6.1 version when I get it.

Important Note:

- Make a fresh install to avoid side effects

- IE7 section is unchecked by default, check it under your responsability. It works for me and many others.



Temporary download locations:



Happy XPizing! B)

EDIT: I forgot, XPize source is also available. Check Source section of the site.

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Awesome! Gracias XPero!

BTW, your site appears to be unreachable at the moment :-(

De nada! :)

Yep, true, site seems to be down :( I don't know whether I have broken it updating the php files or the server is down. Let's wai a little bit.

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Sever's still down.

This Account Has Been Suspended

Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

Could be because of this high traffic generated due to the downloads? Why not host the files on one of the many free filehosting sites? I personally recommend http://rapidmirror.com/, as a single upload hosts your file to the top 10 filehosting services.

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