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  1. [Release] XPize 4.6

    for some reason the WMP11 skin looks weird
  2. [Release] XPize 4.6

    why did u drop IE6 support???
  3. WinMe-Folders in XP? Why that?

  4. Exclamation mark in "End Program" dialog

    lol, xpero needs to crash alot programs to test this
  5. Just an idea

    that was just my opinion... doesnt mean every1 else dislikes it
  6. Just an idea

  7. XPero's utilities

    it would have to change the CODE of the zipfldr.dll, not possible
  8. task manager problem

    maybe u run outta memory
  9. XPero's utilities

    Why do u use RAR files... And not normal-non-WinRar-requiring-zipfiles?
  10. XPize Wordpad toolbar?

    He cant change the code, remember, he can only change the icons, bitmaps, strings etc.... not anything else..
  11. XPize Wordpad toolbar?

    Hmm, thats bad.. ty anyway xD
  12. XPize Wordpad toolbar?

    Would it be possible to XPize the wordpad toolbar icons?? They're all 16 cols right now... I looked at the file with reshacker and the toolbar is just a bitmap, so it should work... I know, not many use wordpad, but its a part of winxp, so it should get xpized //Yzmo
  13. BUG: File Delete Animation

    I think that isnt a bug... xpero just didnt want to make 2 anims
  14. Vista VS XP

    Well, ive been thinking of getting vista when it out... So do you think i should get it, or continue to stick with XP..
  15. x64 Support

    Cant u make ur own reshacker