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  1. -BJR- Hello , when I open IASTOR.SYS / IAAHCI.INF files, it speaks of ich9R and not of ICH9, needs it to create the line? My Motherboard is ASUS P5K. Thanks
  2. Thank you very much! Looking VERY nice BTW... Trés sympas , surtout l'écran de veille ... Et je tourne sans IE7 ni WMP11 Merci
  3. -- Hello ,it works fine BUT there're some mistakes on the french translation in "" the_code.bat " : -->SET Tex12a=the third one can be used at any stage --> le troisieme peut etre utilise dans tous les cas -->SET Tex17a=to put a modified shortcut icon to WUPDMGR.EXE to your desktop --> pour mettre un raccourcis vers WUPDMGR.EXE sur le bureau -->SET Tex39=You do not seem to have WUPDMGR.EXE on your system --> vous n'avez pas WUPDMGR.EXE installe dans votre systeme -->SET Tex40=so this fix will not work for you --> donc ce correctif ne fonctionnera pas chez vous -->
  4. Hello , can you put your NT4 Visual Update in an other link , I can't dl it !! Thanks , Merci
  5. Hello , just a little question , I would like to know if it's necessary to install these patchs : Q240075up --Q241134up -- Win98SE Shutdown Supplement before installing NUSB or are they include on NUSB ? AND these drivers are includes : DriversUSB & USB 2.0 Drive Enclosure / Generic
  6. Hello , can you put your NT4 Visual Update in an other link , I can't dl it to try !! Thanks
  7. Good ideas !! Can I suggest you make "The Mindows Project" and "Kernel Update Project "sticky too! In the future ,is it possible to have a sticky by language ( for the Fench 9X'Connection , Italian ...) for whose doesn't speak english very well ( like me , thanks to Translator !! )
  8. Merci beaucoup Matze ,Glock_94 pour cette traduction si rapide !!!! Une petite question : pourquoi trouve -t-on explorer.exe dans ce pack ? est-il nécéssaire ?est-il modifié ? ------------------------------------------------------------- -- Thanks Matze , Glock_94 for your very fast translation -- Just a little question , why is there an explorer.exe in this pack ? ,is it necessary ?
  9. It's never too late ... Try with ephPod2 --- HAPPY NEW YEAR --- Bonne Année --
  10. Hello , I really think Mindows a great project, As LLXX says it is a building block to do whatever you want with. Just add your imagination . But I have some questions : -For the W95 files : you have to copy this files * explorer.exe * comdlg32.dll * shell32.dll * notepad.exe but , another share , I find this list : shell32.dll ; sysdm.cpl ;browseui.dll ; explorer.exe ; browselc.dll So ,what's the good list ? and why there's NODEPAD.exe ?? -What Is it the .INF to copy on my W98 CD , to install after cleaning a MINDOWS ? In fact, which is necessary to choose in "NANO98","WINIM
  11. Hello , to use W98_slip , on my XP'computer ,I delete 2 lines: if not exist %windir%\system32\extract.exe goto instructions if not exist %windir%\system32\xcopy.exe goto instructions and I copy extract.exe and xcopy.exe in the same folder as W98_slip.bat and IT RUNs PS: sorry for my english , ...
  12. Bonjour à toi Frenchie!!
  13. Hello everybody, Bonjour à tous Great idea !! I'll help spread the Win98 word Super bonne idée !! Il faut persévérer pour la survie de W98 !! I also put a link on this page :www.win-web.be
  14. Hello with all , I trail since strong a long time on this forum and uses Nlite /Xpize since their creation. My current project is to rehabilitate W98 by modernizing it . Bonjour à tous et toutes ,je traîne depuis fort longtemps sur ce forum et j\'utilise Nlite /Xpize depuis leur création . Mon projet actuel est de réhabiliter W98 en le modernisant. Je cherche des francophones pour m'aider car mon anglais laisse à désirer
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