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Nero 7 Lite v7.7.5.1 Update


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Is there not coming an micro/lite version anymore like in the past?

Komt er geen kant-en-klare micro versie meer uit?

I hope it because I like it very much!

I'm sorry but I have little time to maintain Nero 7 Lite. Normally it would me to take a lot of time to test everything. It's also marked low on my priority list. By making available a new SDK, and a Inno click-once installer I hope someone can pick up where I ended.

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You gotta realize you started something pretty **** popular here.

We all love it, we all want it. Maybe it's like Fight Club: it's become bigger than any one man. But if that's the case, maybe you could pass the baton to someone else.

This seems to important to just let it die.


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I could fix the error "FATAL ERROR" in Windows XP using a valid serial not the DEMO serial via an external script. But i could not fix the error using a DEMO serial because it tells me it was expired. If you want to install it and works well you must enter your valid Serial. to install it silently you must type /Silent /Serial="xxxx-xxx....".

I wonder if there is anyone who could fix the error in the DEMO version?


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