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Nero 7 Lite v7.7.5.1 Update


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THANKS YOU. :thumbup

I refuse to install the original version since it wants me to "Downgrade" my DirectX to 9.0C.

Perhaps its ok to installs DX9 over DX10 but still its a crappy way of doing things.

Thanks allot for this great release. I wish Nero would wake up and smell where they went wrong with transforming a nice little tool to something most people do not want or need.

Keep up the great work :D:thumbup



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never the less it should not be needed to install DX9 when DX10 is backward compatible?

I think it just is a matter of detection which fails when installing the "original" version of nero.

ifDX9 found




or something like that :D

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I did admin install of nero

and then from the files

using Nero Lite 7590 SDK built the installer

and working flaylessly



:Nero ToolKit

:Wave Editor

Can you build me the Northern and Western Europe micro package or give a little more detailed explanation of how to put everything in place in the SDK? Thank you.

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i am attaching my Innosetup Script file

if u want to add serial key

either run a .reg file to add it before the setup runs



Root: HKLM; Subkey: Software\Ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info; ValueType: string; ValueName: Serial7; ValueData: {userinfoserial}; Flags: createvalueifdoesntexist

{userinfoserial} with true serial

and make the setup


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