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What Windows Theme do you use?


What Windows Theme do you use?  

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  1. 1. What Theme do you use?

    • Windows XP Style (blue)
    • Windows XP Style (Silver)
    • Windows XP Style (Olive Green)
    • Windows Media Center (Royale)
    • Royale Noir
    • Windows Classic
    • Other (Which one?)

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for a long times I've been using windows classic (the default candy makes me somehow sick)

then I gave a try to vista and found aero quite impressive but too much distractive for work.

When I switched back to XP (I'm waiting for the stable release of vlite, I'll decide what to vlite in vista)

I searched a good equilavent theme but unfortunately all have defaults for my taste.

The best Aero like I found was "Jadaero 1.3" from Flahorn (version vista glass) at deviantart here:


Unfortunately Windows Blinds is still too buggy (last version 5.5) for my taste and

was at the end fed up at trying to get a good "aero -llike" theme.

I ended by adopting a theme very different of the one of vista ,

"GUI.Relax" from b0se at deviant art here:


So far , I'm quite happy with the "GUI.Relax" theme (subtle variation).

- Not distractive, neat, beautiful, and no bugs (regular visual style) :thumbup

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