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New VM - VirtualBox


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so much faster than vmware :thumbup still want drag/drop support though...






VirtualBox 1.5.2 (released 2007-10-18)

* Windows Installer: fixed installation on Windows 2000 hosts

* Windows Installer: proper warning when installing a 32-bit VirtualBox version on 64-bit Windows and vice versa

* Linux Installer: no longer require license acceptance during install, instead at first GUI startup (addresses issues with hanging installer on Debian based distributions)

* GUI: added user registration dialog

* GUI: fixed crashes on 64-bit Linux hosts

* GUI: several fixes and improvements to seamless mode

* GUI: fixed DirectDraw mode with certain video cards (e.g. Intel i915)

* GUI: fixed incorrect guest resolution after leaving fullscreen mode

* GUI: improved keyboard handling on Linux host

* GUI: show fatal VM aborts (aka "Guru Meditation")

* GUI: fixed crashes due to a display update race condition on some systems

* GUI: added ACPI shutdown option to the VM close dialog

* GUI: NLS improvements

* BIOS: fixed floppy boot menu

* BIOS: expose the VM UUID in the DMI/SMBIOS area

* VGA: fixed CGA video modes

* VGA: fixed 8-bit DAC handling (Solaris setup)

* VMM: fixed issue with VT-x on Windows 64-bit hosts

* VMM: improved compatibility with Linux KVM

* VMM: fixed issues with Fedora 8 guests

* VMM: fixed fatal errors while installing Windows guests when using AMD-V

* VMM: fixed sporadic hangs when minimizing VM window and using VT-x/AMD-V

* VMM: fixed high load of ksoftirq on tickless Linux hosts

* VMM: fixed Windows 2000 guests hangs related to IRQ sharing

* VMM: fixed sporadic errors during openSUSE 10.3 installation

* VMM: fixed issue with Linux 2.6.23 guests

* VMM: fixed issues with Solaris guests

* VMM: fixed stability issue related to incorrect relocations

* Serial: significantly reduced CPU utilization

* Network: fixed issues with FreeBSD guests

* Network: added MII support (100MBit detection fix)

* Network: improved MAC address handling

* Network: added PXE release logging

* IDE: large reads from CD could exceed the I/O buffer size

* Audio: load ALSA dynamically on Linux (i.e. do not fail when ALSA is not present)

* VRDP: support additional RDP clients (SunRay, WinConnect, Mac OS X)

* VRDP: fixed issues when client color depth is higher than server color depth

* VRDP: make PAM authentication service name configurable

* VRDP: increased stack size to deal with stack consuming PAM library calls

* Additions: various fixes and enhancements to clipboard handling

* Windows Additions: fixed issues with Additions on NT 4 guests

* Windows Additions: added support for 8-bit video modes

* Windows Additions: allow specifying custom resolutions for secondary screens

* Windows Additions: several fixes and improvements for DirectDraw

* Windows Additions: improved the mouse filter driver compatibility with other mouse drivers

* Linux Additions: several fixes and enhancements to Shared Folders

* Linux Additions: added support for X.org Server 1.4

* Shared folders: fixed MS Powerpoint access issues (Linux host)

* API: fixed RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE startup error on Windows hosts<

* API: fixed SMP race condition on Linux hosts

* API: fixed stability issues on Windows hosts in low memory conditions

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Man... it had been a while since I used this program, but boy is it ever awesome! Especially with cursor grabbing enabled, and using full screen on one of my two monitors...

This is the view that I get while using my main system on the left monitor, and VirtualBox fullscreened on the right monitor (with a clean, fresh XP install).


I can go back and forth between those two without any hassle! :thumbup

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HOMEPAGE: http://www.virtualbox.org/

DOWNLOAD x86: http://www.virtualbox.org/download/1.5.4/V...5.4_Win_x86.msi

DOWNLOAD PDF: http://www.virtualbox.org/download/UserManual.pdf

VirtualBox 1.5.4 (released 2007-12-29)

* USB 2.0 support

* PulseAudio backend

* GUI: fixed accelerators in German translation

* GUI: fixed registration dialog crashes

* GUI: allow to enter unicode characters to the name of the registration dialog

* GUI: pre-select attached media in the disk manager when opened from the VM settings dialog

* GUI: remember the last active VM

* GUI: don’t accept empty paths for serial/parallel ports in XML

* GUI: fixed NumLock / CapsLock synchronizazion on Windows hosts

* GUI: don’t start the kernel timer if no VM is active (Linux host)

* VMM: improved compatibility with FreeBSD guests

* VMM: properly restore CR4 after leaving VT-x mode

* VMM: patch code and disassembler updates

* VMM: with VT-x a pending interrupt could be cleared behind our back

* VMM: workaround for missed cpuid patch (some Linux guests refuse to boot on multi-core CPUs)

* VMM: fixed code for overriding CPUID values

* API: don’t crash when trying to create a VM with a duplicate name

* API: don’t crash when trying to access the settings of a VM when some other VMs are not accessible

* API: fixed several memory leaks

* ATA/IDE: fixed SuSE 9.1 CD read installer regression

* Floppy: fixed inverted write protect flag

* USB: virtualize an EHCI controller

* USB: several minor fixes

* Network: fixed MAC address check

* Network: host interface fixes for Solaris guests

* Network: guest networking stopped completely after taking a snapshot

* Network: don’t crash if a network card is enabled but not attached

* PXE: fix for PXE-EC8 error on soft reboot

* NAT: update the DNS server IP address on every DNS packet sent by the guest

* VGA: reset VRAM access handers after a fullscreen update

* VGA: don’t overwrite guest’s VRAM when displaying a blank screen

* ACPI: implemented the sleep button event

* VRDP: fixed crash when querying VRDP properties

* VRDP: netAddress fixes

* VRDP: fixed the Pause/Break keys over VRDP

* VRDP: sync NumLock / CapsLock sync over VRDP

* VRDP: workaround for scrambled icons with a guest video mode of 16bpp

* VRDP: reset modifer keys on RDP_INPUT_SYNCHRONIZE

* VRDP: reset RDP updates after resize to prevent obsolete updates

* Clipboard: Windows host/guest fixes

* Clipboard: fixed a SEGFAULT on VM exit (Linux host)

* Clipboard: fixed a buffer overflow (Linux host)

* Shared Folders: fixed memory leaks

* Linux installer: remove the old kernel module before compiling a new one

* Linux host: compatibility fixes with Linux 2.6.24

* Linux host: script fixes for ArchLinux

* Linux host: load correct HAL library to determine DVD/floppy (libhal.so.1 not libhal.so)

* Linux host: make sure the tun kernel module is loaded before initializing static TAP interfaces

* Windows additions: fixed hang during HGCM communication

* Windows additions: fixed delay when shutting down the guest

* Linux additions: added sendfile support to allow HTTP servers to send files on shared folders

* Linux additions: make additions work with Fedora 8 (SELinux policy added)

* Linux additions: sometimes ARGB pointers were display incorrectly

* Linux additions: several small script fixes


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I like Virtualbox. The guest support is very broad, letting me tinker with all kinds of goofy and vintage operating systems.

I currently have OS/2, Solaris 10, Ubuntu, Win2K, OpenStep, Rhapsody DR2, and BeOS as guests. Wacky!

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I tried VirtualBox, but had a couple of big problems:

1) It wouldn't work with the first boot disk I fed it to load the OS - it locked up.

2) It seems to not handle direct hardware accesses too well, maybe it shouldn't being a VM, but I had problems on a couple of things I fired up (Norton Disk Doctor being one of them) when I did get a boot disk to work.

My guess is they probably still have some stability and other issues to work out.

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Never tried VirtualBox before, gonna give it a try. :D

EDIT: Doesn't work with Vista x64 guest :(

Virtualbox doesn't support 64-bit guests. From what I have seen from VMWare and Hyper-V, they run 64-bit guests but neither of these ran XP64 very well for me. Not enough that I'd really want to use it.

I installed Vista 32-bit in Virtualbox and it runs surprisingly well in both XP64 host and OS X host.

TY for the news it's a maintenance release with really no new features; hopefully Sun will progress its development :-)

Actually it has a new switch for PIIX3/PIIX4 virtual disk controllers (for better compatibility with vmdk images with OSs on them) and offers some new virtual network cards for better support with OSs like Vista and OpenSolaris which don't come with a PCNet driver.

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