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  1. I basically ended up coming to ask the question that's pinned here, since I haven't seen anything good when I searched. Is there such a thing as a reliable corded mouse that'll last longer than a year or so without having problems related to click functions? I've run through two Logitech M100 in the last three years (right click not accurate, a third if you go back three more years), and am now on an Onn (Walmart house brand, that's another bad kettle of fish I could write a different topic on) corded mouse I pulled out of a pile of stuff that has an inaccurate left-click (especially seen on drag/drop). So any real solutions to this and a suggestion on something that'll be a lot more reliable? In other words, have the issues in that post been addressed to any significant degree?
  2. Every rubber belt driven piece of machinery has this same issue. One could make a business out of pulling vacuum cleaners out of the trash that people thought were broken, replacing their belts, cleaning them up, and reselling them (and evidently DVD drives too). I just never thought a DVD drive would be belt-driven, especially since all the other drives I worked with had direct cogs that operated the drive tray.
  3. The boiling water trick worked (for now - given the way the housing works, I had to actually take the drive apart to get to the belt), but looking for suitable replacement belts. All I'm seeing on Ebay is labeled "For XBox 360" and really doesn't have specific measurements on the belts. Is that what I'm going to want? Looking at the belt situation on my Blu-ray player too (it occurred to me that a tray problem there might be a similar issue).
  4. Okay, problem confirmed. If it's where I think it is in the drive, I'll be able to replace the belt, but need to find an adequate replacement.
  5. Why does the drive work perfectly once I get a disc in it?
  6. Basically, I'm just on this copy of Windows I'm on because it's just been working. I've had my problems, but I haven't worried about tweaking or fixing more than just simply using the computer. Really the only option, compared to Linux, which was just a complete and total disaster when I tried it - rather would use my computer than have to work on it all the time.
  7. I got code already worked out that'll replace duplicate files with hard links on NTFS drives.  I'm half-tempted to throw it at a Windows install to see what happens, but there's the usual game of chicken involved...

  8. With phones, there's typically ringing (when you get a call), dial tone (when you pick up the phone to make a call), and touch-tone tones (when you hit the numbers). Ring tone is probably just best done by sampling something, but you could repeat tones at a certain frequency, too (my land-line phone does that). I'm sure there's references for what kind of sounds all these things are out there.
  9. None of the compatibility settings changes this? Edit: Now that I see what this program does, have you thought about changing to something more modern/more supported, like Audacity?
  10. I've had this problem, too, with Windows 8.1, as I understand the implementation on it is pretty bad. Basically all you can do is check whether the drivers are good and you're updated fully, minus maybe checking to see if the adapter is set to be turned off on power profile. If you're not using a brand name wi-fi adapter (something like Realtek or the like with no brand name packaging as opposed to something like D-Link or Linksys), that might be part of the problem too. Honestly, a lot of my problem went away when I changed to a brand-name adapter from my generic. But not all of it - I'm connecting as 802.11g for some reason when I have 802.11n equipment, which makes me think it could be a USB issue (1.0 instead of 2.0). But can't see in the drivers whether I'm getting USB 2.0 on my ports or not...
  11. Lately, I notice when I try to open my DVD drive the tray "thunks" several times over about 30 seconds before I can get it to open. Once the disk is in the drive, I can open and close the tray at will. I did some debugging and found that Windows now has a feature called Zero Power ODD, which seems to be the cause of this behavior. I tried the registry change on that page and didn't have any success in fixing this problem. Has anyone encountered this and successfully found a fix?
  12. The usual option is setting up a Virtual Machine of some kind. The basic idea is that it's a program that runs on your main OS that simulates a computer. It has container files that represent the hard drive and so on. You go on and install your OS into the VM. Then to get access to other files on your machine by sharing a directory which shows up in the VM OS on a separate drive. It's a little tricky to handle mouse and keyboard stuff sometimes (the need to "capture input" basically and uncapturing it doesn't make seamless interaction) and it might not work as well on a performance sense because the VM won't have the entire machine's resources, but on the main OS it more or less functions as a separate program. Different things can be wonky sometimes when run in VM, but most things that aren't coded in a funky way will work as well in VM as it did in the regular OS.
  13. Definitely fun stuff and brings back some memories as I read through here. I notice I had to pull the files in the linked thread for the limitation of the attachment system on this forum, but brings to mind that I've been thinking about finding a way to post a lot of stuff like this I've done over the years (and perhaps source to go with it). Probably not much demand, but been thinking either a linked blog to something like Dropbox. Not sure how trying to post a bunch of small things like this on GitHub would fly, but can always figure out something to put some of this stuff back up.
  14. It was in a pile of random other stuff that I obtained. Basically a lot of stuff - I didn't really set out to obtain the specific part in question.
  15. What you posted help me nail down what it is a bit more. It's a Female USB A to Male RJ45 adapter. I don't know what brand it is specifically as it's unmarked, but this one on Amazon is a decent representation of what it is.
  16. I ended up acquiring a RJ45 to USB adapter (kind of port that a flash drive could go into). As stated in the title, I tried to figure out what you would do with it, but didn't have much success. I found a lot of details about wiring cables in such a way and places to buy adapters much like the one I have off of Google, but didn't find any explanation of why you would want such a thing. Any explanations would be welcome.
  17. I usually run a partition for OS/programs and one for everything else. I hate how Windows wants everything to go to the Documents folder and stuff like that because I can't save everything I want to keep to the "other" partition. Done it this way since a couple of regular hard drives before and has worked, since it's easy to just scoop the other partition for data backup. My SSD is partitioned half and half right now, mainly because Windows is a space pig. As for your other questions, I can't say I have a lot of technical expertise to tell you anything. Most of what you'll get is just simple preferences of each person that post. That said, I would imagine that if a SSD can't function in all the ways that a standard hard drive can, we would all know, and as a result the technology would never have made it to market, nor be adopted as much as it has.
  18. This actually was a good pointer towards the answer. gpedit.msc doesn't exist on my system (only the Pro version has that), but I found where the registry was changed to lock out that particular change and fixed it. Of course the question remains of what exactly did it, but I got the change reverted.
  19. I don't know if this helps or even relates since I'm seeing Windows 8.1 referenced in a Windows 7 forum... I had this same problem a couple of months ago, which I eventually traced to a change Microsoft put out in their patches (May updates I think). It turns out that they added a different kind of sleep option ("hybrid sleep" I believe) and then enabled it. My system didn't support that particular kind of sleep, so it'd just bounce back on if I tried to make it sleep. On top of that, they locked out the settings so only "Administrator" could change them. I can't find the settings referencing it now since my memory is foggy - and finding the setting was a pure PITA in the first place. Edit: I went into the "Administrator" account and looked for the setting and couldn't find it anymore. Evidently it was a recognized bug in a detection routine or something that they fixed in a later patch. Interestingly, they locked out the Windows Update setting in a similar way (stuck on "Never check for updates"), even if I enable "Administrator" and attempt to change it. And when I went into "Administrator", I still couldn't change this. Hopefully that'll be a good tip, if this is still a problem.
  20. I'm looking at stuff to do in my pile of projects, and right now (when I get to it), my decisions are between this project and an unreleased music player that I haven't even talked about until now. In that light, I had a question about this project: How much of the functionality is stuff that people actually use? I mainly put a lot of it in for what I needed in Windows XP, or because I thought it would be cool and not necessarily because it provides any good or decent function. Add to that that I actually have what amounts to a Alpha 2 version of a BatchPatcher Downloader 2.0 here, which is a lot more stripped down and has a few additional functions made possible by more tightly integrating what I did with the program I did to actually run patches offline. So it'd be good to know what functionality to carry over to the new version. Of course, with most all my projects I've talked about on here or offered, I don't even know if there's any interest that still remains. If there is, by all means please let me know if there's any functionality that I could reasonably pull from the version offered here... Of course, if I pick it back up, input on any additional things it could do would always be welcome.
  21. I saw your post just now. Anyway, I'll definitely put that on the list should I have occasion to pick this program up to do another version.
  22. You'd be surprised. The Windows ME license (Upgrade Edition/Retail) I sold last year went pretty quickly after I posted it. It just depends on what people are wanting at any one moment.
  23. Actually it's the original installation media (SP3) and accompanying paperwork, but I preserved the sticker too. I saw on E-bay that people had "just media" OEM copies for sale, so that's probably the answer. As long as I don't include the key or the sticker, I probably could sell the media. But I may just hold onto it just to be sure (or destroy it). This is what I originally thought. But some of the things I was reading when I searched the question made it so I wasn't too sure. Especially with the question of an end-user reselling a used copy as opposed to an OEM provider of parts. The others are right. The Service Pack build of the original install media is irrelevant. If I can patch a RTM XP image to SP3 and then install it, then that really should make no difference in comparison, if I can get an original SP3 image from Microsoft.
  24. I have an old Windows XP Professional OEM license. Main question is if there's a way that it's legal to sell. The machine that it was on has long since failed and I've long since moved on to something else. The language I'm seeing when I search this question is kind of sketchy. Any ideas?

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