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[Desktops] 2007

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My first desktop screenie since June. Been very busy lately with something called LIFE :)

Got a son in August amongst other things! Anyone who wants can look me up on facebook (Erlend Holth Isaksen), there are quite a few pics of me and my family etc.

Anyway, here you go, Vista Ultimate x64 running WB 6, which in fact is a GREAT app for Vista :)


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Here's a picture of my file server's desktop. I use this machine to rip my DVDs to XviD as well, hence the tools on the desktop. :P

I also managed to get a simple Samurize taskbar configuration going, just for the important stuff.



About as cosy as my desktop ;)


My laptop is about the same but 1280*800.

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The windows flag was actually a screenshot of the 3D windows XP screensaver that microsoft made. Then I added the text in the upper left, gave it a dark blue background and voila! Plain, simple, but visually pleasing. Note the lack of icons on my desktop - I try to keep my desktop clean.


By the way... I am using Windows XP, not vista as the toolbar may lead you to believe. It's the Vista Aero visual theme from the vista transformation pack.

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