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  1. Imagex "cannot find file"

    This is now sorted. I installed WAIK on the WDS server itself and did all the work from there instead of my desktop machine.
  2. I am trying to add some drivers into a WIM boot image, however I am having some issues getting imagex to mount the image itself! Below is what I am getting! C:\customboot>imagex /mountrw customboot.wim 2 mount ImageX Tool for Windows Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1981-2005. All rights reserved. Mounting (RW): [C:\customboot\customboot.wim, 2] -> [C:\customboot\mount] Error mounting image (RW): The system cannot find the file specified. Any ideas on this guys? Would be a real help!
  3. Explosion in London

    I think they just took the idea of an "Olympic flame" a bit too far (and too early...)
  4. Tweaks for business computers

    I'm sure there is a fair number of you out there that have set up machines for business use... At the moment I am in the process of creating a base image install for our new office (100+ machines), and the install is from the ground up. As this is the first time I have done something like this, I am looking for some tips or tweaks for XP that you have used in the past when doing this. For example, setting the default theme to the 'classic XP' theme, for all users. anything else that you can think of? If so please give details of how this is done (like the above, because I cant seem to find a way of doing it!!) Thanks in advance
  5. WDS Drivers

    Image will be XP Drivers I'll pickup closer to the time Not sure about putting them directly into the image, I was wondering if I could get them to be detected automatically so no need to install them? Yes they are WIM images. Thanks for the help
  6. WDS Drivers

    As my company is currently in the process of moving office (month or two...) I am looking at setting up a WDS based image to install all of the new pc's we will be having in the new office. While I am happy with the imaging process itself, I would like to know the best way of adding drivers to an image, as this image could be used on differing hardware / computers. Any help would be great
  7. Outlook Express

    then login to the account and reply with: then attach a huge gif/jpg that says GOTCHA! stop reading my emails <insert brothers name here> ! Or you could just password the identity/windows profile. But I like my way better. I'd go with that... Might not make him stop, from fear of when the 'deed' will happen.... but it'd be funny!
  8. ctrl+alt+del

    What about CTRL+Shift+ESC?
  9. [Desktops] 2007

    I'll just link to mine then... Dual screen setup at the office, you can see where the separate screens are from the taskbars http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2278/157659...424af814f_o.png
  10. Need help with MSN Messenger

    Had this happen to myself and a few others around the office a while back. Try uninstalling and reinstalling, worked for us
  11. Guys Looking through the logs of our Domain server we are receiving the following error As you can see, I've edited out our domain name, but the domain in the error is our OLD domain that no longer exists (could be why it cant be reached...). However nothing should be trying to reach this domain, let alone at 2,3 and 6 am! Is there any way of tracking down the reason behind this / what could be causing it? Thanks in advance! cj
  12. WDS xp drivers

    I am currently setting up WDS on our network, and am looking at creating a 'catch all' kind of image as to include drivers needed by two or three different machines that we use around our company. How would I be able to do this. I am currently sysprep'ing a machine and installing using WDS to capture the image, this has been working for me, and only issues I have on one different model is NIC and graphics card drivers being different. Any help in this would be great!!
  13. Hi again all! The majority of our users are set-up using roaming profiles, however due to this we are now coming across a problem where any time a large spreadsheet is used that it will leave a cached(?) copy in the users application data directory, stopping the user from logging off / shutting down due to going over allocation limits. Is there any way of solving this and stopping it from happening, without changing the allocation limits? i.e. re-directing the App. data and desktop to stay on the local machine (is this possible, how?) Thanks in advance Chris
  14. login fails at 'loading your personal settings'

    Yup that got it, thanks for that! ... Always nice when your phone is ringing as you walk into the office at 7 in the morning!
  15. win 2003 / remote session hangs server?

    Not sure, basically we just disconnect from the session (click the X on mstsc) no one can be totally sure Yeah, basically the whole server has been known to go down because of this. At one point this included taking down our main database (when we can produce 10Gb of transaction logs in 5 mins, the database being down on us is a serious issue!!)