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Yes, jv16 PowerTools 2006, and once it is released, 2007.

Some people say registry cleaners do more harm than good. That's true for a lot of them. However, I like to think of jv16 as special. :lol: It receives cache updates one every week or two that make it safer. As long as you don't remove registry entries that pertain to the CLSID you should be fine.

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regedit and a brain <_<

Stop suggesting that just because someone doesn't do what you do means they are stupid. You do this a lot and I imagine it's getting on a lot of peoples' nerves. There are a lot more types of registry entries that no one would know what to look for or where to remove. Sure for your Recent Documents List MRUs, and CTRL + F > "Adobe" F3, F3, F3 several hundreds of times but that's just silly.

jv16 PT doesn't just have a registry cleaner and for all the features it packs for a mere $20 is just insane.












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@ Jeremy ... you prefer jv16 rather then any other tool?

Out of the 30+ registry cleaners I've tried they are mostly all replicas of each other, with a few exceptional ones that still do not come close to jv16 PowerTools. It's price, features, stability, nice GUI and memory usage...

It's developed by a guy whose been working on it for many years mostly by himself with a few others. Just like nLite with Nuhi and his friends. Only difference is that jv16 isn't free, but it's very cheap for what it offers.

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I was trying to uninstall Sonicstage (the worst program in history) and reinstall an older version as the newer version wouldn't work with my mp3 player.

Of course this was impossible because Sonicstage installs itself into every little hole it can find. So I couldn't completely rid myself of all of the new version.

So I was about to reinstall when i tried CCleaner and hey, it got the little ****!

Everything gets uninstalled by the CCleaner now. :yes:

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