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What's your internet connection like?


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and they said I was having a bandgasm. :blink::wacko:

I think 77mbit down or so qualifies to be called as such. We've got super fast links at work (OC3 between all sites) but they're just that (inter-site, no internet access over them, i.e. just intranet stuff), and we use local internet providers for internet access (cheaper that way).

Anyways. Is it just me, or speedtest.net is quite pessimistic, or perhaps it's the one mirror I'm trying (Montreal) that's not so reliable or something? At first I thought it was just something with my connection. I routinely get speeds around 1150kb/s to 1200 sustained (saw getright hit 1250 tonite, even with emule running in background). Yet, that site says I only get like 8mbit or so. Tried it at my dad's over the holidays (same mirror), and even though he's on a "basic" plan (640kbit), this thing reports less than we get downloading stuff everyday (download at ~100kb/s - never under 90, and that site reports high 500's to 600kb/s every time we try). Maybe one has to be super-close to the server for it to be a reliable measure or something.

Edit: LOL. Something's wrong with that mirror or something. Just tried it and it tells me 5030kbps, and somehow as soon as I start getright (or anything else almost) I hit twice that instantly. Distance information is quite off too (says <50 mi, but it's actually over 100).

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Bit sluggish at the moment, normally sits around 2mbps. ADSL,

My theoretical max is apparently 4mbps, though I've never seen it. Perhaps if I kicked everybody off the exchange ;)

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After my LLU has been unbundled. Seen a decent increase from 1mb to 4mb - but thats now the absolute maximum my line will allow. We're techincally paying for 8mb (techincally, since in reality its free), but we're so far from the exchange it isn't happening.



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