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  1. What u playing at the moment?

    Lately my time has been taken up by Alien Swarm http://store.steampowered.com/app/630/ Its a great free game, was a mod for the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine but theyve moved to source. Needs more official campaigns but i think theyre in development.
  2. Thats wierd, how did you go about doing that?
  3. Was blown away by this program, got loads of things and a really nice looking GUI. Does anyone know why i would no longer have send to desktop? I would need to use that as soon as i have installed i would need to create shortcuts from my backup drive. (Anybody also know how i could include that as a registry value?) I did post some needed on 7customisers thread, if they dont get implemented you should prob look at a couple yourself. Besides adding registry was good to see a post install program installer, should make an option for that to be silent too though! More info on mouse overs would be truly beneficial too. Was gutted that i could not change start menu fully like in pic, it also seems to be a little smaller than normal. Also some drivers still didnt install with your program either
  4. Hello guru's, ive tried 2 programs now for modifying my Windows 7 install disk (2 out of the 3 that worked for me), when trying to install these drivers though i hit a wall. I tried unpacking them and using the inf but that seems to fail, was thinking of using a switch but havent a clue what they would be. Can anyone help? Not sure what approach ATK0110 Acpi drivers i could take as thats from an extraction not .exe.
  5. Kellys Korner is a site i use to go on for reg values and scripts when i had XP http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm
  6. Hello Blue, just tried your little program out and worked a treat, good job and thanks! There is some things i would add to your program though so then windows does not have to be touched after install at all as i have to go through this process every time i have formatted. Line amount on taskbar so it can be set to 2 lines for example for full view of clock Always show all icons for notifications Search all programs and control panel (its missing from your options) Admin tools for start menu (missing too) Small icons on desktop Theres no info for tcp/ipv4 network properties for when i disable dhcp and dns services, also would need to disable register dns and disable netbios in advanced options. Plus would be nice to also be able to choose network selection to choose private for example. Disable experience program for if you choose in 'Protect your PC: Recommended'. Prefetch boot only Disk defrag schedule disable Power options to high performance plus settings within Autoplay disable C drive properties not to have indexed ticked Action center asks security center service to be on when disabled so would be nice to disable that too Problem report settings on/off \Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp and \windows\temp have files not cleaned after install Task scheduler items to disable Show disconnected devices in device manager And erm, i think thats round about it