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Hotfixes For Windows XP Professional SP1


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strange how windows update dont recognise the rollups installed.. standard or express install

There's an express Install? :)

Edit: So there is... but you should only slipstream with the full package, double check that you have done everything explained in the slipstream guide.

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Edit: So there is... but you should only slipstream with the full package, double check that you have done everything explained in the slipstream guide.

Yeeeha! Aaaron, you finished the Slipstream Guide...?

WHERE can I find that slipstream guide for the Rollup?


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Can I assume that there is no problem combining the SP1 Rollup with my existing SVCPack.Inf, minus the now redundant files of course. The only slight worry is that in the unattended guide, it tells us to use makecab on the finished inf file to turn it into Svcpack.in_.

Where as the rollup guide tells us to just place the svcpack.inf file as is into the I386 directory. Which is correct or does it not matter ?

Here is how my DOSNET.INF file now looks. The files listed in the rollup guide have been copied in at the bottom as stated.


And this is what my cabbed Svcpack.inf looks like



update.exe -q -n
Q327979.EXE /Q /U /Z /N
Q330994.EXE /Q:A /R:N
Q816093.EXE /Q:A /R:N
Q817287.EXE /Q:A /R:N
Q817778.EXE /Q /U /Z /N
Q823182.EXE /Q /U /Z /N
Q824141.EXE /Q /U /Z /N
Q825119.EXE /Q /U /Z /N
Q828750.EXE /Q:A /R:N

Based on the reply Aaron posted, this is what the Dosnet/Svcpack files should look like. Well the basic structure anyway. Just chuck all your updates into the update folder.

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aaron your guides missing the ntoskrnl.exe in dosnet.inf :) ooops

also when i extract the rollup with the /x switch i dont get the update.exe.. just the KB826939.cat, update.inf and update.ver ..now im confussled which way to go with it.. spose i can just use the KB826939.cat and rename the hotfix to KB826939.exe and slipstream the usual way.. no worries :rolleyes:

ill go the update folder way .. saves me 9mb's :D

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willpantin - Its on the frontpage! :rolleyes:

Dreadnort, will update that svcpack hotfix install page tomorrow, haven't got the time to do it right now.

Numinous, the Slipstream guide doesn't use the /x switch. Using it prevents update.exe and spcustom.dll being extracted to SP2's update folder, but you can always copy them from the extracted "Common" folder.

I also noticed ntoskrnl.exe was missing from the guide gosh posted 2 weeks back, but there's apparently no side effects and ntoskrnl.exe is at its latest version when checked. :)

Note: When I change the svcpack hotfix guide tomorrow, you will have to change all references of "svcpack" to "update" instead. This means you need to rename the svcpack folder to 'update', as well as CatalogSubDir="I386\update" in svcpack.inf and



in DOSNET.inf

This is because the update rollup slipstream doesn't work with a folder name of 'svcpack'.

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The reason i don't have ntoskrnl.exe in dosnet.inf is because it's already there.

Here is the default ForceCopyDriverCabFiles for dosnet.inf (for xp sp1, without sp1 it might NOT be there. But my guide was only written and tested for xp sp1):


























As you see ntoskrnl.exe is first, so i didn't put it again. As long as update.exe is run, you won't have any problems. If for some reason update.exe isn't run, xp won't boot up because it's using an older version of ntoskrnl.exe from driver.cab.

the rollup will work fine with my method.


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Should we delete our svcpack.in_ file in the I386 folder, when we place the scvpack.inf file in there?

EDIT: Finished my Slipstreamed Rollup on SP1 folders with minimal configuration, i.e. missing all the folders not related to a clean install, as succesfully done before thanks to advice on this forum.

OK, Tested everything using just the svcpack.inf file, and did not touch the svcpack.in_ file already in my I386 folder.

Everything went very well; it seems Aaron and gosh did a great job with that Slipstreamed Rollup Guide...!


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I have a question about a hotfix that isn't on the list, yet comes up all the time when I go to Windows Update without installing any hotfixes...

The hotfix is 824146

MS03-039: A Buffer Overrun in RPCSS Could Allow an Attacker to Run Malicious Programs

Should this be added to your list or should it only be installed on certain systems?

BTW... Great work with the speedy slipstream guide to Update Rollup 1. As a beta tester of this Rollup, it has helped me a heap lately.

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Willpantin - There won't be any need to touch svcpack.in_ at all, you'll notice that running file.bat moved this file to the backup folder, which you can safely delete. So there's only svcpack.inf in the i386 directory.

RaveRod - The Update rollup covers 824146 (MS03-039) already, so its been removed from the main list :)

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