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  1. I haven't tried 6.04 with Quicktime, but 6.03 worked fine with the switches I linked to earlier...
  2. I downloaded the full installer for iTunes 6.0.4, extracted the files, deleted the QuickTime installer, and ran it...and everything worked fine. You can install it silently, too. You still have other languages, but at least it doesn't install Quicktime. I also seem to have avoided the one msi related issue which I had had with the customized installer.
  3. discountpc, I've been hoping to find information to accomplish the same thing. Sadly, I don't think it is possible, but the menu idea might work...
  4. Search is a beautiful thing.. You'll still need the Quicktime Alternative installed, though...
  5. Interesting project you've got going here. I just have one question...does PING support NFS shares?
  6. Try putting OPKInstall on the same line as the other AddReg stuff: That's how I have mine and it works fine. That's the only difference I've seen so far.
  7. It's been a while since I messed with unattended win98 and I don't recall how far I got with it before getting distracted by other projects/school. I did manage to use RunonceEx in win98, but it got just a tad complicated. I've got two tests in the next two days so I'll be busy studying, but after that I'll dig through my win98 stuff and see what exactly I did. As for the login prompt, I don't think I ever got around it. It's probably a simple as a registry entry, but we'll see. If it's possible to run a program at that point it might be possible to create a vbscript that hits the enter key. I'll have to get back to the project some time soon I guess.
  8. He's asking how to install the WU v5 active x control unattendly. Re-read the post.
  9. I get that behavior already without having to delete anything. I'm trying to avoid having Windows ask *at all*--I mean, what's the point of an unattended install if I have to sit around waiting to hit enter?
  10. I'm glad someone found the oem tweak useful. Now if only I could get that silly password prompt to stop appearing...(copying the .pwl file over during install did not work)
  11. Yeah, but I imagine people would like to be able to load another program without immediately needing the page file. (So far I've gotten XP down to about 40MB or so ram usage with nlite)
  12. XP can't very well run on 48MB of ram, can it? What, do you want me to migrate them all to Linux?
  13. Right. I'm trying to accomplish this during install so that I never see it in the first place, though. Perhaps I'll try copying over the .pwl files during setup...

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