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  1. i cant see a clear winner, we need a poll
  2. its been a while since i did this so its a wee bit hazy.. you need to create a file in your $oem$ folder called whatever.ins that should contain something like this :: [Internet_Mail] Use_IMAP=Yes IMAP_Server=******** SMTP_Server=******** Logon_Using_SPA=No SMTP_Logon_Using_SPA=No SMTP_Logon_Required=0 IMAP_Root_Folder=InBox Use_Special_Folders=0 Junk_Mail_Filtering=1 Default_Client=Yes HTML_Msgs=1 [Outlook_Express_Global] Read_Only=0 Disable_Account_Access=0 [Outlook_Express] Folder_Bar=1 Folder_List=1 Outlook_Bar=0 Status_Bar=1 Contacts=1 Tip_Day=0 Toolbar=1 Show_Toolbar_Text=1 Preview_Pane=1 Show_Preview_Header=1 Show_Preview_Beside_Msgs=0 [Mail_Signature] Use_Mail_For_News=0 Use_Signature=0 [Signature] Use_Signature=0 [Proxy] Proxy_Enable=0 Use_Same_Proxy=1 [User] Display_Password=No Name=********* Password=********* Requires_Logon=No you can find a full list of settings in a help file that comes with the ieak6 package mines configured to use imap4 instead of pop3 so you'll need to make changes there add this to winnt.sif [Branding] BrandIEUsingUnattended=No IEBrandingFile=whatever.ins have fun
  3. never was one to blow my own whistle but give this a go http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...indpost&p=64339
  4. excellent.. all the best and congratulations :beer:
  5. pink floyd .. without a doubt .. superbious
  6. i have this one ... eject.zip eject e: opens the tray eject e: /l closes the tray you'll need some kind of handler to send the right drive letter to the command :/
  7. for the same reason anyone would want to convert a reg file to an inf file ..lol i want it because i use a folder full of reg files processed with a command like this.. for %%i in (%systemdrive%\install\regtweaks\*.reg) do start /wait regedit /s %%i seeing as regedit exports reg files it makes things a whole lot easier if i need to add or remove a tweak i just drop it in or move it out of the folder
  8. hmm.. dont suppose you know of something that converts infs to reg files
  9. in xp you can prioritize device IRQs to improve performance open the system information utility (msinfo32.exe) ..to view your systems IRQs navigate to Hardware Resources\IRQs open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\PriorityControl create a new DWORD value called IRQ#Priority, where # would be the IRQ of the device to prioritize (for example IRQ8Priority for IRQ 8, your system CMOS). double-click the new value, and enter a number for its priority.. enter 1 for top priority, 2 for second, and so-on.. make sure not to enter the same priority number for two entries.. keep it simple at first by experimenting with only one or two values.. good results can be achieved by prioritizing IRQ 8 (the system CMOS) and the video cards corresponding IRQ export your settings to a reg file and add them to your reg tweaks reboot your machine
  10. oh well worth a try ..ill guess ill have to stick with my 7mb super sleak version
  11. care to share it with us un4given1?? ..although i guess what you've got is the opk version, in which case most of us have it.. i didnt know becoming a volume license customer gave you access to oem material.. hmmmm
  12. thanks geckotek.. must be that the reg key's added when wmp is installed by setup.. you can tell by gosh's post above.. thanks for that.. i suppose you could do the whole tweak through a reg file theres no need to use an inf.. although if your using the inf to redirect your folders just add the my music folder redirection to it
  13. oh i see what you mean.. lol ..i have no idea.. i keep my music elsewhere too.. i'll look into it
  14. my music is still put in my documents, no matter where it is.. u do need to redirect the folder before you install mediaplayer 9 ..not sure what happens if you dont use mp9
  15. make sure accessibilty wizard is installed..
  16. search your windows\system32 folder for xvid.ax place it in $oem$\$$\System32 folder add this line to a batch regsvr32.exe %systemroot%\system32\xvid.ax /s job done
  17. my original post was about microsofts patching techniques.. i find it laughable.. they cant even decide which name to use.. kb or q.. resulting in something unique to microsoft, a kb and q fix for one vulnerablity.. *laughs* ..two types of patches that use different sets of switch's.. *laughs* ..microsofts patch's leave a lot to desire.. consistency is the key, thats one thing microsoft know nothing about.. all i see is windows going from bad to worse.. you gotta remember, even elvis died when he got big and bloated ..i think it goes without saying that linux is more secure than windows.. after all, windows is a swiss army knife style web browser *laughs* ..from my experience with linux, it can do everything windows can.. there isnt one thing that windows has got that doesnt come with a linux distribution.. apart from, a can full of holes for people to slip through and a crap firewall.. *laughs* ..even windows has crap driver support.. windows vulnerabilities are ruining the internet.. my broadband activity light is permanently on with ping requests trying to sniff theyre way around my network, port 135 is being bombarded with adverts, and the rpc vulnerability has put the icing on the cake.. ive lost 7kbps bandwidth and thats just me out of god knows how many broadband users running microsofts vulnerable software.. im enjoying watching microsoft bang nails in theyre coffin ..and if i was to say i know a little about how these things work i'd be a liar.. Ms.NWar is right when she says people write theyre code to work with microsofts software.. not the other way round ..its good to see more software house's realise the importance of writing cross platform code.. yes the xbox was hacked.. and you know why lol.. cause people wanted to run linux on it
  18. simple one this one although it was a sod to find.. just add this line with no options to your winnt.sif\unattend.txt [NetServices]
  19. at last success changing the default console font for your unattended batch's.. get that matrix look and feel... nice change these lines in hivedef.inf HKCU,"Console","FaceName",0x00000002,"Lucida Console" HKCU,"Console","FontFamily",0x00010003,54 HKCU,"Console","FontSize",0x00010003,786432 HKCU,"Console","FontWeight",0x00010003,400 unfortunately its lucida console or the crappy default font.. the settings here will give you a 7x12 lucida font maybe go fullscreen by changing this line HKCU,"Console","FullScreen",0x00010003,0
  20. you'll need to build your own using the guide
  21. you are right un4given1.. the reason microsoft never allowed directx setup to run silent was because they wanted people to see the EULA.. you see it when dxwebsetup executes so this does kinda keep it intact
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