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Best game on PC?


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Hi guys!

Humm... I agree, it's hard. So many good games. Fallout, C&C or LBA could be the ones... but Half-Life, GTA1 or Sim city 4 too...

Do we really have to make a choice ?

Ok. Civilization 1 then. For it's huge lifetime.

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c'mon ppl, dont tell me there arent any *** fans here!

for me, games are like music - if you will listen to/play it for a month or a year, then forget about it right from the start, it's just not worth your time, not even worth mentioning it.

i play *** for,... hmm, let me see... hmmm, wait, wait... hmm whoa, whoa!? i said whoa, man, is it really 11 (yeah, eleven) years!? whoa, THAT is the game! THAT must be something.

so, *** III here, :yes:

ps: '***' stands for CIVILISATION

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This is hard choice. So many great games.

So my personal all time favorite is :

Heroes of Might and Magic Series (1-2-3-4) by the late 3DO.

Yes. I still got all of them with all their expansion packs. (priceless!)

P.S:I have no intention to purchase Homm 5 from Ubisoft. I don't own any Ubisoft game. I'm very picky in my game purchases.

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c&c series (generals is total crap tho :( )

half life series (awesome)

quake is up there too..

game i'm playing a lot of now is Company of Heroes, but its begging for an expantion pack or a massive patch to include more levels

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personally i hated c&c gold and ra1 i thought generals was way better than them

I better play duke nukem 3d i only ever played duke nukem 1 and 2

i agree about relentless and twinsens odyssey were good i want the third one that hasnt been made.

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