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UT 2007?


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according to GameSpot release date is Q1 2007.


heres my tip: practice, practice, practice. always try to play with better people and don't be afraid to lose.

btw have you seen the HD trailer in this topic?


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I prefer co-op with friends. Whenever we get around to doing this I'd like to team up with you guys to unleash an ONSlaught!

Too bad you're on a different continent matey so we can't meet up with ideal pings.. BTW, have you tried to play on the european servers?

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No, I haven't played online much at all really. I played ONS a lot while I was in Korea. A buddy of mine lived down the hall so we had a powerline LAN going and murdered a good number of bots. Since I've been back to the states, we've played online a couple times (he is in another state) but life is just so busy these days. The point is that most of my recent shooter experience has been versus bots so I won't be joining you guys with your boasting and grandstanding :)

I am just average these days...but I used to rip people up on the original Team Fortress! :)

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