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Royale Noir

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Check this out:

During Royale’s development (the XP Media Center theme), the graphic artists also produced a black version of the skin, sans the overused “glass” effect. The result is an aesthetic black skin named “Royale Noir”, it even works with Office 2003.

Since the skin was never released (or reached final adjustments) there are a few issues with it: some of the colors don’t meet the overall “feel” (they’re too purple-ish compared to the greys of the bitmaps) and the inactive titlebars are a little too dark.

You’ll find it’s been signed by Microsoft and doesn’t require a custom UxTheme.dll in case there are any doubts as to its authenticity.

If you already have Royale installed, you’ll need to remove it as both of these skins share the same name.

This skin has not been released to anyone outside Microsoft, until now.

Link: http://www.istartedsomething.com/20061029/royale-noir/

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Download. (603 KB)

This is a WinRAR-SFX archive that extracts "Royale Noir"

directly to %SystemRoot%\Resources\Themes.

I've added a .Theme file and a proper (IMO) wallpaper.

I just thought it could be helpful to anyone who's a newbie

to preparing and configuring a theme!

After installation, select Royale Noir from the Themes menu.

Thank you, itsjustaname, for the link. I always like Royale theme.


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Thank you, ricktendo64!

OFF TOPIC: How did you make your signature? It's funny!

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Royale Remixed Theme v1.46 Final

(Now includes 3 color schemes, Royale, Royale Noir Remixed, Royale Zune Remixed)

(Royale Remixed desktop screenshot)


(Start button screenshot)


(Caption buttons screenshot)


(Shutdown UI for Royale Noir)




Uxtheme patch required because it's been edited, download here

(Install it first, do not put in windows cd when prompted, reboot.)

Updated 9th Jan, 2007: Compiled changes and updated to Version 1.46.

Download Royale Remixed Theme v1.46 Final (2.41mb): (Windows Installer Package)


softpedia_download_big.gif softpedia_games_award3_rb.gifsoftpedia_free_award_f.gif

Download Royale Noir Shutdown UI:

(Backup yuor origianl msgina.dll before installing this)


(Double click installer to install. After installation, click 'OK' to apply.)

Edited by oddbasket

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Royale Remixed Theme v1.46 Final


by oddbasket



A combined release of Microsoft's Windows XP themes based on "Royale". Featuring the original 'Royale', a finished previously unreleased 'Royale Noir' and newly modded 'Royale Zune' color schemes.

Features 3 colour schemes:



-Royale Noir

-Royale Zune



Version 1.46:


-Re-encoded Vista sounds to louder volume without static or distortion.

-Updated Sound scheme entries.

-Fixed: Unavailable cursor transparency issue.

-Fixed: Noir and Zune shellstyles User Account colors mismatched.

-Fixed: Small inactive caption too dark and mismatched.

Version 1.45:


Royale Noir & Zune:


-Changed taskband group count color to blue.

-Changed taskband flash button to WMP11 blue

-Changed tabs to blue accents

-Changed listview header to blue accents

Version 1.44:


Royale Noir:


-Changed to Windows Installer Package for easy installation and uninstallation.

-VB scripted to auto load and unload theme to 'Display properties'.

-Added separate 'Windows Vista' sound scheme and 'Windows Aero' cursor scheme to 'Control Panel'.

-Added continuous WMP11 blue progressbar.

-Fixed: Incorrect Logon and Logoff sounds.

-Streamlined installation package to smaller filesize using high compression.

Royale Zune:


-Added continuous WMP11 blue progressbar.

-Fixed: Caption title text too small.

-Fixed: Unoptimized bitmaps causing shellstyle to be double the file size.

Version 1.43:


Royale Noir:


-Changed windows button to Noir color scheme.

-Changed combo button to Noir color scheme.

-Changed spin buttons to Noir color scheme.

-Changed scrollbars to Noir color scheme.

-Changed tab items and panel to Noir color scheme.

Royale Zune:


-Fixed: Windows buttons have no transparency.

Version 1.42:


Royale Noir:


-Fixed: Disabled caption buttons were mismatched.

Royale Zune :


-Fixed: Trackbars' transparency were not correctly implemented.

-Fixed: User icon top left corner 2 incorrect pink pixels.

Version 1.41:


Royale Noir:


-Fixed: Explorer 2 toned background to Royale Noir color scheme.

-Fixed: Explorer Normal and Special group and subgroup text to grey.

-Fixed: Explorer Dialog FillColor to grey.

Royale Zune:


-Fixed: Explorer background is now suitable 2 toned Royale Zune color scheme.

-Fixed: Normal group background and fill color mismatched.

Version 1.40:


Royale Noir:


-Recolored Explorerbar from royale blue ot noir black.

-Recolored Special group from royale blue ot noir black.

-Recolored Normal group from royale blue ot noir black.

Royale Zune:


-Added a 'Royale Zune' color scheme.

-Orange start button to Black with WMP11 blue highlight

-Caption buttons to WMP11 blue on highlight

-Close button static state to black

-Close button glyph depressed from orange to grey

-More programs arrow static and highlight to blue

-Program menu background changed to grey

-Program menu static text changed to white

-Program menu separator is changed to grey

-Program menu selection is now 2-toned greys on hover and on click

-Taskbar group selection is now matching 2-toned grey on hover and click

-Inactive caption text is now greyed for both normal and classic windows

-Shellstyle normal and special group headers from orange to 2 shades of black

-Shellstyle normal and special group headers font from orange to grey

-Shellstyle normal and special group compress and expand from orange to grey

-Shellstyle normal and special group background from orange to grey

Version 1.32:


-More programs arrow normal and highlight is now WMP11 blue.

-Start panel highlight is now grey from blue.

-Taskbar highlight is now grey from blue.

-Menu bar highlight is now grey from blue.

-System highlight is now grey from blue.

-Programs menu highlight is now 2 shades of grey, highlight and on click.

-Group programs highlight and selection is now different shades of grey.

-Progress bar is changed from green to grey.

-Active caption for classic window is changed to a black to grey gradient.

-Inactive caption for classic window is changed to a grey gradient.

-Inactive caption text for both normal and classic windows is now grey.

-Changed checkboxes from green to blue.

-Changed radio buttons from green to blue.

-Changed trackbars accents to blue.

-Fixed: An issue with the radio buttons' transparency.

-Fixed: Black program menu separator was left out in v1.31

Optional to choose from:


-New and much nicer version of full black start button

-New white text on black program menu

-New black program separator for new black program menu

Version 1.2:


-Inactive taskbar is now visibly two-toned and not too dark to notice.

-Inactive caption buttons now match the new inactive taskbar.

Version 1.1:


-Highlight of Start button is now WMP11 blue.

-Static close button from glaring orange to static black.

-Highlight of normal captions to WMP11 blue.

-Highlight of inactive caption buttons from white border to coloured ones.

Version 1.0:


-Added Vista desktop icons

-Added Vista mouse cursor set

-Added Vista Sound Scheme

-Added a .theme file for easy usage.

-Fixed: Green start button to Royale Noir black colour scheme.

-Fixed: Changing "Windows and buttons" under "Appearances" will cause the selectors to no longer be able to choose Royale Noir's settings.

-Fixed: Taskpane not displaying correctly for Royale normal color.

-Fixed: User can now change the default wallpaper setting in the .theme file and it will apply.

-Setting: Default for screensaver is now set to "None".



1x Theme file for Windows XP

1x "Royale Remixed" folder consisting of the necessary files defining the theme

1x Readme document



1. Uninstall previous versions.

2. Double click installer and follow instructions to install.



Creator: oddbasket (HWZ Forums Singapore)

Hosting: atlanticus (HWZ Forums Singapore)

Original Files: Microsoft

Usage and Legal:


The rights of the intellectual property contained herein belongs to Microsoft, and if they wish it, please stop circulation of this package immediately. Otherwise, feel free to redistribute this package in it's untampered form strictly for non-commercial reasons only.

Edited by oddbasket

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What about a logon screen (logonui.exe) that has exactly the same background as the one I added to Royale Noir?

If you, guys, see it could be relevant; I'll post it!

OFF TOPIC: Thank you, ricktendo64, for the guide! I managed to make my own signature.

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Post it! I'll link it in my local forum as well, I'm sure the guys there would love it!

A minor update has been done just now to my modded theme. The static start menu now has no more jaggies and no gap between it and the taskbar.

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