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  1. True enuff the setup is very long twice that of a regular full xp install.But the whole point of it is to have xp on a old legacy 98 box and true enuff its just as fast as 98se on a p2-400 with 128mb ram.
  2. i have WinFLP installed on a older laptop and the mininal install size is 685mb installed on hd.
  3. I dont think u should ever go back but u should use the os that best suits the demands of your Pc.In otherwords use the os that run efficently on your current hardware.In xp case u get the use of current software and or updates.If dos is your thing 98 might be the way 2 go even if dosbox or virtual pc is around.Your might wantta use 98se if it runs your curreny hardware and suits your current needs or habits today but cutting yourself off from newer version of certain programs may only limit your experience,its really down to what your comfortable with and your needs.
  4. thats great hearing your get good use outta win 98 and i still see lots of small stores running win95 for accounting etc.just goes 2 show its not about keeping up with the jones it about fuctionally and if a older os run a program for ya and keeps running why change it.that alot of what the 98 alive camplaine is about.keeping a perfectly good or good enuff os ticking instead of bashing its use with newer is best jargon. B)
  5. might i sugest windows me opps couldnt resist. it comes down to two things whether your current software works on vista .hate to fork it out again to run on vista.secondly-xp will still be mainstream in 5 yrs so if your force to buy a new pc someday xp will last 5 yrs or more still where vista will be a blip on the microsoft road map to ruin replaced by windows 7 which will be renamed to windows 2012 lol u can wait it out and in 5 yrs hell there be 2 new windows out.or if your like me you buy a bag of weed and a laptop for 100 and hide in the woods.why cant we have 1 universal os ,why cant they combine resources oh well i answer nothing my option. donate to msfn if u luv your mom.
  6. i agree, i,ved learn so much about tweaking modifying etc, thanks to the sure footed trusty 98se. and the amazin program bein built to keep this badboy up to par with 2008. its great fun and follys but more been done in this forum then anywhere on the net its a msfn thang .To all involved once again the 98 culture salutes u.
  7. i installed it this morning and once you get on too it all the things seems easy enuff to tweak etc.im on dailup out here in the country so i wanted to test the twice as fast as ie 7 theory and true enuff safari is twice as fast .sure its grey standard apple colour scheme like itunes but its lack of clutter and its use of tabs just click the wheel clicker on your mouse to add a tab its all good. So give it a spin.
  8. lol brain.exe.What he means if you use trusted sites no warez porn or downloading free screensavers etc your less likely to recieve malware,viruses.I think things will work out fine,im surprized your putting 98se on a pc that good enuff for vista but u gotta admit 98se is a fun os to tweak.Good luck.and enjoy.
  9. hi mgdx .Question:I installed the 98SE2ME option 2 -700newer me files.so in the future if i install new hardware ,video card etc do i use a 98se or Me driver?
  10. yes john its been done a guy here named tihny got it working he run the revolution pack seven forum in here.seek him out good luck.
  11. interesting. but tinhys lameskin exe with added files for taskbar skinning seems best.
  12. Tinhys lameskin engine works great but alot of people dont require all rp7s mods.maybe tihny could make the lameskin engine standalone. your input please..
  13. When this being released Tmod and whats the progess report. Check it out!! http://marxo.110mb.com/index.html
  14. put model no. or hd no. in google search.
  15. Pray theres a 3rd party patch or kernel xp project addresses this issue,outside that your out of luck.hope it works out 4 ya no counterstrikes like no sex to a gamer lol.
  16. theres already two such things. autopatcher and this well known little site called mdgx maybe your,ve heard of it.
  17. How about a stickies to say too many stickies.And maybe a sticky for 98 poems lol its silly 2 complain any 98 stickie lead to some program 2 aid generation 9x and thats a good thing.
  18. One small note you dont have to buy vista cause its new,why sweat it use xp till bugs and prices come down did u buy the first vcr when they were a 1000 dollars .
  19. A tweak to remove harddisk size needed for install would be a nice tweak.
  20. np its a good program it need national attention and softpedia is a pretty major outlet and in turn will eventually be picked up by others etc.much like gapes sp 2.1 so run with it.All these projects in the 98se forum or any for that matter eg.nlite are here to help out people who otherwise would be unaware eg. people bash 98se for its bsod after gapes sp hit the market that shifted to hey lets take a second look at 98se etc.It all comes down to you guys programmers making these unoffical apps that drive the msfn community or any other opensource outlet.Sure some may say that its only 98se why the effort ,i say why not ill tell ya i install 98se on alot of pc for friends and family due to finical or lowend pcs and this saves alot of time burn ie6 dx9 etc on a mutitude of cd ,this is perfect a one stop cd thats good 2 go .So all you programmers who toil over inf exe.batch files dll. i salute you because you help out so many people who otherwise would struggle with a corrupt or shakey os .
  21. What works in vista what doesn,t here a interesting site on the matter.Vista_RTM_Software_Compatibility_List
  22. the third edition usually refers to windows me.
  23. So here come vista another massive microsoft miracle oh look its got 3d flip and aeroglass how sweet where have i seen this before.now i can play direct x 10 games and ill be the coolest guy on my block.pity those xp users still running that dinosaur os.lol. But in all seriousiness are u gonna grap vista and why im curious whats your reasoning tell me the top 10 reasons why u gotta have vista..thx u for your input .hail bill.

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